D.B. Martin


I.M. Books
Release Date
July 2014
Book 1 of Patchwork People
Mainstream fiction, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Lawrence Juste QC finds himself tricked into taking a case defending a juvenile by his clever – but dead – wife. Normally he wouldn't even have opened the folder, but she's left something to persuade him; a list of unsavoury facts from his past. Ones he's carefully hidden until now and hadn't even known she was aware of.
Disconcertingly, the boy reminds him of himself and taking the case catapults Juste into a world that touches his own past with alarming regularity until it throws up the brother he betrayed, a disturbingly attractive social worker and the bully Lawrence has done his best to avoid since childhood. But it's not just paranoia that makes him want to avoid John Arthur Wemmick: Jaggers, as Lawrence knew him then. Its blackmail too; blackmail Lawrence instigated to get himself a foot on the ladder to success using old Judge Wemmick's money. Jaggers wants it back and he'll stop at nothing to get it. Add to that the possibility that Lawrence fathered his own sister's child – and that child is his young client, his dead wife may not be who she said she was, and the case he prosecuted without checking facts may be about to come back and ruin him, and for Lawrence, the once bright future suddenly seems very black.
The only way to face it is to take a journey to rediscover the family he rejected, and himself – or the principles the man who styled himself Lawrence Juste once wanted to observe. By the time the book closes, the tentative reconnection to his family is in progress, and the child's parentage has taken another twist, but the childhood bully is muzzled – albeit temporarily.
Patchwork Man is the first in a trilogy.
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