Reborn to Burn

Anna Durand
Reborn to Burn


Jacobsville Books
Release Date
December 2014
Book 2 of Reborn
Paranormal Romance

Rated 8.8 out of 10 by RomCon readers!

"My life ended three thousand years ago, and I can't go home again."

After three thousand years as a mummy, Dawn awakened to a dangerous new reality where science and the supernatural collide. Reborn without a name and saddled with amnesia, genetically altered by scientists who never expected her wake up, she struggles to understand why she lives. Desperate to escape her captors, she has entrusted her life to Jake Maxwell, a sexy, mysterious grad student with an unusual talent for evading bad guys.

Jake sacrificed the safety of his old life to free Dawn from the clutches of Redeo Biotech, but now he fears he won't be able to protect her from a new enemy, the enigmatic Anton Vahl. Dawn's resurrection spells trouble and power for Vahl, and he will stop at nothing to recapture her. But Vahl covets her brain, not her life…

As Dawn and Jake flee into the unknown, fragments of memories from her past life tantalize Dawn with the promise of regaining herself — and chill her with the fear of what she might discover. Soon, a shocking revelation about her newfound life rocks them both. As their enemies close in, they surrender to a fiery passion and unearth a bond deeper and stronger than time itself. But can the starcrossed lovers outrun the past before their future is shattered?


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