The Huntress

Elizabeth Davis
The Huntress
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Elizabeth Davis
Release Date
December 2014
Contemporary Romance, Literary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Kaitlin Hawthorne's life as an heiress to her family's multinational tech firm was over the moment she decided to pack up and flee with her father's protégé. Determined to strike out on her own, she sets sail for parts unknown but is haunted by her past mistakes and the fiancée she has left behind. Will the sins of her past ruin her chance for happiness with the man of her dreams?

Marcelo Alesi is a reformed bad boy, primed to revolutionize the tech industry. But an unexpected proposition convinces him to abandon his carefully laid plans for the chance to reclaim the only woman he has ever loved; even if it means playing fast and hard with the truth.

As the two embark on a journey, Kaitlin is drawn into the mysterious organization known as "The Order". Distrustful of the Order's motives, and concealing secrets of his own, Marcelo fights to protect and love Kaitlin, the woman he has claimed as his own.

Adult language and love scenes (18+)

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Mar 14, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE HUNTRESS is an emotional whirlwind of a romance that takes place in the shadows of secretive and mysterious organizations.

Kaitlin Hawthorne decides she is in need of some freedom from her wealthy family and current lover. She disagrees with how her father runs his company and has an overwhelming urge to break free from her current relationship. While Kaitlin is seeking independence, she also wants the company of her best friend, her father's protégé, Marcelo Alesi.

Marcelo has been in love with Kaitlin since they met as children but the circumstances never seemed right for them to be together. When Kaitlin comes to him and asks him to run away with her, he can't refuse. Their adventures are many and widespread and their relationship is steamy but tumultuous. They both want something more but neither is willing to voice their true desires. Will they learn to be honest with one another before it's too late?

It took a few chapters for me to get hooked by this story, but once I did, I became very engaged in the plot and the characters and found myself wanting to keep turning pages in order to reveal the secrets and find the happy ending. I was very uncertain throughout most of the story about the likability of any of the characters. Ms. Davis did a great job showing each character's flaws, but just when you think a character has no positive attributes, you are shown a softer and more vulnerable side of them. Each and every character had a struggle or challenge they had to overcome before they were able to find happiness. Marcelo won't voice his true feelings because he is scared they won't be reciprocated and Kaitlin is fearful of her attraction to Marcelo because she fears he is too driven and will always choose work over love. As a reader I was frustrated and excited and worried all at the same time during most parts of this book.

The one plot point that distracted me a bit was the secret organizations that everyone was a part of. This part of the story was a little too mysterious in my opinion. I did like that Kaitlin had a secret identity that was tasked with helping others find their happily ever after when she was so fiercely denying that for herself. I simply enjoyed the journey and the growth everyone experienced, especially once people just started communicating and being honest with one another. Kaitlin, her parents, her ex, and Marcelo all had well developed stories that centered around secrets and honesty. This was a very enjoyable book.
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