Christmas Clash

Dana Volney
Christmas Clash
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Crimson Romance
Release Date
November 2014
Contemporary Romance

For the first time in her life, Candace Ellison is determined to stand on her own two feet. When the city council's new convention center project threatens to demolish her new flower shop, Kiss from a Rose, she vows to win the fight without help from her wealthy and well-connected family.

But to keep her doors open, she'll have to turn to an even unlikelier sourceŚLuke Carrigan. Problem is she hasn't been able to get along with the guy since that fateful day they met ů back in kindergarten.

There's more than building blocks and coloring books on the line now though. Luke's recently inherited his family pub, and isn't about to let the city put a wrecking ball through years of memories and tradition. This is his chance to show his family he can be more than just the fun-loving, favored son. ů except Luke's not exactly singing "Jingle Bells" at having to strategize with spoiled Candace.

The only hope they have is in finding some common ground. Will this Christmas bring miracles or the destruction of everything these old rivals love?

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Jan 20, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Two people at odds since kindergarten reluctantly join forces to save their downtown businesses from the wrecking ball and, ultimately, re-development. Neither ever expected brainstorming to save their businesses would make both of them see the other in an entirely new and heart-stopping light.

Candace Ellison isn't about to let the Casper, Wyoming city council vote to demolish the old building she purchased to open her floral shop Kiss from a Rose. Her business is doing well and she refuses to be forced out so the city can build a convention center. She's rallying the other business owners to take a stand, and that includes neighboring pub owner Luke Carrigan, a sexy, infuriating man Candace would rather continue to ignore if circumstances were different.

There's no way that Luke Carrigan will let The Pub, a bar that's been in his family for generations, be forced out of business. He'd never be able to break it to his father. But Luke can't seem to formulate a plan of action on his own. And if he doesn't do something, uptight firebrand Candace Ellison is likely to rile the city council into shutting him and the neighboring businesses down if she continues to bait the head of the council with her insinuations, barbs and bold stratagems.

Candace is literally flying by the seat of her pants and winging it, but she's doing it in regal style. Luke can't afford to simply stand back in awe at Candace's shoot-from-the-hip audacity, and he knows it. With most of the other business owners seemingly resigned to relocating or closing permanently, Luke and Candace must set aside their differences and share leadership and vision for their cause. Complementing one another's strengths and weaknesses, while trying to ignore a mutual attraction that's always simmered under the surface, has them suddenly fighting a new and unexpected development that could endanger their ultimate goal or help them set a new one.

In CHRISTMAS CLASH, Dana Volney presents a plot-driven kisses-only romance that has believable conflict and a hero and heroine with backgrounds that make the plot increasingly interesting as the differences between them is slowly revealed. The awareness that Candace and Luke hide from one another keeps the reader on edge, and this author really knows how to use dialogue and motivation to build drama. Despite the title, holiday references are minimal, so readers will delight in this solidly written and satisfying romance no matter the time of year or the temperature outside. Well done, Ms. Volney!
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