Viva La Tremble - Zac Tremble Investigates (Series Two Case Seven)

Chambers Mars
Viva La Tremble - Zac Tremble Investigates (Series Two Case Seven)


The Carter Seagrove Project
Release Date
December 2014

In Viva La Tremble, Zac is coming to terms with his near-death experience and the fact that Malcolm and the rest of the Moot crowd appear to be getting away with Peter Finders' murder. Peter's brother, Andrew, arrives for the memorial service and provides the key to decode Peter's journal, unlocking part of the conspiracy, providing a lead to the whereabouts of femme fatale Lillabet La Mer. Some angst in the domestic household leads Zac to question Paul's fidelity and that has unforeseen consequences.

Viva La Tremble is the seventh case file in Zac Tremble Investigates - Series 2 and follows: Skull & Crossbones, The Gene Pool, No Man Is An Island, The Soho Triangle, Anastasia's Diamonds and Paris Re-Visited.

All of the individual case files from Series 1, the series one compendium Jury's Out and the first novella Pot, Kettle, Black is available.

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