Carnal Beginnings

Reily Garrett
Carnal Beginnings
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Release Date
December 2014
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Adara's enigmatic and sexy boss asks her a simple question. "How are you going to celebrate your twenty-first birthday?" Sounds innocent enough, until he suggests she go to Ambrosia, the infamous BDSM club. To volunteer for scars and bruises is not on her to-do list. Yet when Julien invades her personal space, her body goes into panic mode and fails to respond appropriately. Since her adoptive parents died six years ago, she's endured horrific tortures at the hands of her sadistic and perverted uncle and cousin.

Her long-awaited birthday, and inheritance, are days away. She longs for and plans to escape.

Julien Crofton is an ex-Special Forces private investigator. Since hiring Adara six months ago, her subtle signs of ongoing abuse have tied him in knots. And not the good kind. Time and again, he's encouraged her to open up and talk to him. After disastrous results in a previous case where a client refused his help, he's determined history won't repeat itself. Surely he could help her and keep his heart intact. The fact she's as beautiful as sin should have no bearing on his intent to teach her to not fear men. When he resorts to an underhanded tactic to crack her invisible suit of armor, he's unprepared for the tidal wave of lust and protectiveness that swamps him.

Even while evading her family and an unknown psychopathic stalker, passion ignites. In progressive increments, Julien kindles her spark of infatuation into a raging inferno. Can Adara learn that perhaps not all men are evil and maybe…whips can be fun?

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Feb 22, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The last thing on Adara's to do list is a visit to a BDSM club, especially after six years of torture at the hands of family members. Yet Julien realizes that Adara's spirit is calling for help--and the club is his remedy.

Author Reily Garrett tackles some deep issues in CARNAL BEGINNINGS. Both characters have personal experience with physical abuse. As the story progresses, Julien is drawn to Adara and wants to help her learn how to trust. With Julien's brothers guaranteed to keep the tone regulated with plenty of laughter, the characters provide an easy connection for the reader.

As Julien tries to help Adara replace her negative experiences with positive ones, the reader gets a front row seat for the transformation. The road is not without its twists and turns.

The BDSM element is well incorporated into the storyline with an appropriate level of detail for a woman like Adara who needs to start slowly.

I found this to be a gripping story about a man and a woman who find triumph amid tragedy.
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