The New Year's Fantasy

KT Grant
The New Year's Fantasy
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KT Grant
Release Date
January 2015
Contemporary Romance

Seven years ago, the once overweight Jessica Mulligan made a pact with her best friend that ended up changing her life for the better. Now sixty pounds lighter, Jessica's self-confidence has soared, but her longtime firefighter crush still won't notice her.

What she doesn't count on is catching the eye of his boss, the much older and handsome Captain Douglass Finley, who thinks she's perfect in so many ways…

Three years ago, Doug Finley's life took a turn for the worse when his wife admitted to an affair with their next door neighbor. Other than the possibility of a promotion to Deputy Fire Commissioner, the only thing he looks forward to is weekends with his eleven-year-old daughter. With his forty-fifth birthday around the corner, his love life is in the toilet. The ritzy New Year's Eve bash he has been roped into feels like torture, until he spies a vision of beauty eating chocolate covered strawberries like she's making love to them…and all he can think about is making love to her.

When Jessica admits she never had an orgasm, he's determined to give her the ultimate New Year's fantasy she'll never forget.

But can he convince her they belong together for longer than one night?

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Feb 04, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Can two people with a significant age difference between them and past relationship failures buck the odds and find a future together? It depends on finding the courage to be honest with one's self, as well as being completely honest with each other.

Thirty-one year old science teacher Jessica Mulligan was determined to ring in the New Year by kissing her long-time crush, firefighter Chris Lockeheart, one more time even though she knew she'd risk a second rejection from him. But New Year's Eve didn't quite pan out like Jessica planned and she ended up having a night of passionate rebound sex with an older man who turned out to be Chris' direct supervisor. Not to mention, she wasn't completely honest with Doug Findlay, since she never thought she'd see him again.

After his wife left him for a younger man, forty-four year old Fire Captain Douglass Findley remained celibate because he wasn't really prepared to enter the dating scene, but Jessica Mulligan caught his eye on New Year's Eve and the night they spent together was explosive. He didn't know her last name or how to contact her, but fate was on his side when he discovered Jessica was a teacher at his pre-teen daughter's school. Suddenly, the pursuit was on and, for Doug, there would be no backing down.

Doug was sure that he and Jessica could work through the emotional baggage they each carried and have something special, but the discovery of Jessica's omissions and half-truths soon had Doug re-evaluating the speed and intensity of their relationship.

In THE NEW YEAR'S FANTASY, KT Grant has woven a complex, character-driven tale that is full of situational drama, uncertainty, and relevant life issues. As the story opens, Jessica has weight issues and an unhealthy crush that has caused a few manic reactions in the past that did not achieve the desired outcome she wanted. Doug was blindsided by divorce and, after four years, is still bitter and hasn't come to terms with it.

To me, both Jessica and Doug seemed desperate in their own way. With Doug, I compared sex to water; you can't get enough once you've tasted it again. For Jessica, it was immaturity and how she justified her actions to herself, especially her treatment of secondary character Steve. At times, it was hard to picture a positive outcome for this couple, but in reality, this novella mirrors how society really is--gritty, often impulsive, and painful to watch unfold.

Reading THE NEW YEAR'S FANTASY gave me an appreciation for KT Grant's keen observation skills and ability to tell a story that draws the reader in and has them psychoanalyzing how they'd react if they or a loved one were one of these characters. It's not likely that all of us would find peace, redemption, love or a happily-ever-after.
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