Passions Bite

Chastity Bush
Passions Bite
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MuseItHot Publishing
Release Date
May 2010
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Vamps & Shifters Romance

When demon Derek Blain and his partner Max are sent to hunt down a vampire notorious for killing for fun, the last thing Derek expects to find is a vampire about to kill herself. And what he expected even less was to feel that it was his duty to save her. But there is something about the beautiful woman who looks so tormented that pulls at his very soul.

Turned against her will and forced to kill, Caroline Montgomery has decided the only way to end her torment and save the lives of innocent people is to take her own. Only the pleading of a handsome stranger changes her mind. Now, Caroline is learning how to live without killing and thanks to sexy Derek Blaine, is loving every minute of it!

When Caroline discovers that the rouge Derek is hunting is her maker, she decides that she is going to help bring the monster down whether Derek likes it or not.

But what neither of them knows is that Caroline was turned for a reason. The rogue vampire has set his sights on her for his mate…and he is coming after her.

Can Derek take down the murderous rogue and claim Caroline as his own before it is too late.

Book Review by Mia (reviewer)
Apr 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What would you do if you found your enemy ready to end their own life? In PASSIONS BITE, you discover that not everything is how you believed it to be.

For Derek Blain, he has hunted vampires all of his life. They were nothing but a bunch of murderers and he is determined to destroy them all. With his partner Max, they set off searching for each and every one of those filthy leeches. He might not be able to teleport like his enemy, but being a demon does have its perks. After a long rough night trying to capture the worst of them all, Derek stumbles upon a crying vampire sitting on a small wooden dock waiting for her end. Fighting was more of a vampire's style, not crying. Baffled, he approaches this creature and found the sight of her tear-stained face shot a pain right through his heart.

It wasn't normal for a leech to cry. They never gave a damn about anything else but themselves. Demons and vampires hated each other with a passion. Warring for centuries, each species never gave up on trying to destroy one another. Whereas vampires were vile, bloodsucking vermin, Demons were actually peaceful and caring. All that nonsense about demons being evil was just stories made up by humans to scare one another. In Derek's mind, vampires were the only creatures that deserved that title, that was of course until he met Caroline.

Caroline Montgomery has decided to end her life. Witnessing her family's brutal murder and turned against her will, Caroline refuses to embrace the monster growing within her. Seeing her final sunrise over the crystal clear lake seems like a befitting end. Waiting for the sun to come up and end her suffering, Caroline was unprepared when a demon approached her to try to convince her to live. Taking her life may be cowardly, but it was the only way to make sure no one got killed because of her. Besides, why did he care?

Derek couldn't let her die. He didn't understand why he was willing to fight for this little vampire to live. Why was she so different from the others? Could she possibly be his mate? Was that even possible, for a demon and a vampire to be destined for each other? Derek was determined to figure it all out.

As for Caroline, if Derek could help her find and kill the monster who murdered her family and turned her, then living may well be worth it.

The chemistry between the main characters was hot and steamy and very believable. You got just the right combination of excitement, action, love, sorrow and pain that each page turned reveled one of these emotions.

This book was really good. It kept my attention and I was able to read it pretty quickly. The storyline is original, with the major characters becoming further developed and genuinely interesting. It had a lot of unique ideas, which is hard to do in the "vampire" world of literature. The ending stunted my excitement just a little bit, which was still not bad at all compared to the overall story. I recommend this to paranormal romance fans and believe it will be a book well worth reading.
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