Judas Bane

Hera August
Judas Bane


Jester Publishing
Release Date
January 2015
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

They say seven is a lucky number. But seven is when it felt like Hell had become my world. The horrors inflicted on me, the things I saw... everything inside of me died that day.

I inherited billions; I don't need anyone, except random girls to keep me satiated. I live as though each day is my last. I pummel men half-to-death in illegal underground bare-knuckle fights—just for sport. But really, it's the killing I live for. It's the only way I can drown out her screams... I'm rotten to the core. Now I've been sent on an assignment. Someone's been stealing from us. These are the moments I come alive. Payback. Torture.

But I never saw this coming...

The mission went to hell. I've been shot, and now I'm lying on Death's door. And then she walks in... Belle Dela Cruz. Angel-like, innocent, and pure. Everything. I. Hate. Or so I thought... I don't want it. Don't wanna find the right and good in the darkness that consumes every beat of my heart. I fight it, try to break her, but somehow, somehow she seeps into my soul. She can't be real. She draws me in like a black hole pulling me asunder, and my whole world becomes her. It suffocates me. I can only live and breathe... her.

It's so intense, it feels like dying all over again.

Yeah, luck's never been on my side. Belle, my redemption, my downfall, stands in the goddamn firing-line of my target... her father. The dark oblivion I thrive in—is now my curse. So I want what I can't have. That doesn't sit well with me. There's only one thing to do… kidnap her. Lock her up in my mansion. Leave her in pieces, like she did me. She's unwilling, fights me every step of the way. But I know she wants me. I know she will be my end. I know I'm entering a world of hurt. But she's worth the fight. I want her. And nothing will stop me from getting what I want. I'll do anything for her. I'd die for her.

And Belle may look like one, but she's no angel. She's hiding a secret of her own. It's dark enough to rip my heart right out.
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