How to Handle a Heartbreaker

Marie Harte
How to Handle a Heartbreaker
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Release Date
August 2014
Book 2 of McCauley Brothers Series
Contemporary Romance

It's lust at first sight when Brody Singer first lays eyes on Abby Dunn. The dark-haired beauty looks a lot like a woman he once knew, who died years ago. At first, Brody fears his attraction is a holdover from that secret crush, but Abby's definitely different. She's a lot shyer, a lot sexier, and despite her attempts to dissuade his interest, absolutely mesmerizing.

Abby isn't having it. She's still trying to put her last disastrous relationship behind her and overcome the flaws her ex wouldn't let her forget. But somehow Brody isn't getting the hint. It doesn't help that when writing her steamy novels, she keeps casting Brody as the hero.

Brody is more than happy to serve as her muse and eager to help make sure her "research" is authentic. But when their research turns into something real...will she choose her own happily ever after?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Feb 04, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Being a dead ringer for her neighbor Mike's deceased wife doesn't exactly make Abby Dunn feel like she's going to be BFF's with the McCauley family. But that doesn't stop the unofficial McCauley brother Brody Singer from falling madly in lust with the sexy writer with more curves than an MLB pitcher. Brody can't get Abby out of his mind, he just knows that the shy, reserved woman would be a hellcat in bed.

Abby considers Brody her muse when writing her popular erotic romance books, but she'll never admit to it! One steamy Halloween night encounter changes everything, and when Brody finds out she's a writer and sneaks a peek at one of her books? He's completely done in. Brody hides behind good looks, charm and a killer sense of humor to cover up the insecurity that's plagued him since childhood. Abby wants to be the woman who can help him deal with his past, warts and all. Problem is, will he let her?

HOW TO HANDLE A HEARTBREAKER is book 2 in the McCauley Brothers series by the very talented Marie Harte. I absolutely love this book, as I have loved every other issue in this series! The characters are a wonderful mix of fun, flirty humor and smart, sexy dialogue that keeps me wanting MORE, MORE MORE! I've totally read this series out of order, but it hasn't altered my enjoyment in the least!

Brody is the bad boy whose biological family left a lot to be desired, but who was taken in by the very loving McCauley family and brought up as one of their own. His character could've come off as unlikable and arrogant, but instead he was portrayed as adorably confident and sure of himself. His relationships, especially with his nephew Colin, endeared me to him right away. He has a lot of love to give (even if it is a fun, ornery love)!

Abby is also a terrific character, a bit shy and insecure on the outside but brimming with untapped passion inside. She was treated horribly by her ex, who affected her self-esteem pretty fiercely, but once she starts to trust Brody and his special brand of sex therapy, she really comes into her own. Their chemistry is delicious, and my only beef with HOW TO HANDLE A HEARTBREAKER is that there just wasn't enough of it!
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