Fairy Tales for Modern Queers

Emily Reed
Fairy Tales for Modern Queers
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
January 2015
LGBTQ, Young Adult Romance

Gay teenager Hart could finish his fairy tale for class if his horrible stepsiblings would stop harassing him. Talia's depression is like a sleeping curse and may kill her if she doesn't ask for help. Independent, overweight bisexual Sienna deals with her "nice guy" neighbor while visiting her grandmother. When a mysterious girl climbs up Rachael's fire escape, Rachael might finally break free from her overprotective mother. Transgender Amelia is bullied regularly for her identity, but she'll show everyone exactly who she is. Princess Rellyn must face down a dragon since she's seventh in line and battle her father since she's not a boy, and she's not sure which one is scarier. An adventurous knight whisks away genderfluid Noll when all they want is a quiet life on their farm. Mermaid Astrid wants revenge on the man who betrayed her, but is confused by her attraction to the one sailor immune to her song. Asexual Myka might love Princess Lysandria, but Myka must learn to control her inner werewolf before the king marries her off to "cure" her. With the help of a witch, blacksmith's apprentice Malcolm must find his missing prince.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Mar 02, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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These aren't quite the fairy tales you're used to hearing.

The author took a variety of fairy tales and put a modern, YA spin on them. They all feature a character from the LGBTQ community, whether they're gay, trans, lesbian or gender fluid.

While I liked the idea of this collection, some of the stories fell flat for me. Most of them ended too soon, without any real closure with the characters. It's like they ended a couple pages right before their HEA and I'd have liked to see it play out all the way. It was like something was missing and I never became fully invested in any of the characters.

There were a couple stories that I would have loved more from. The Cinderella story and Repunzel story were my favorites and I desperately wished they were longer. I was so intrigued by the characters and the fairy tale adaptation, that I was bummed when they ended. I would have preferred there were only a couple more fleshed out, longer fairy tales, rather than the little bits that were served.

Some stories were more enjoyable than others, but I did appreciate the variety of sexual orientations presented in the collection. It was something different from LGBTQ romance and fairy tale retellings.
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