In Elevators

E.F. Jacks
In Elevators
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Loose Id
Release Date
February 2015
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Former Coast Guard member Olive Parker now spends her days working as a high-powered assistant for a large Southern financial firm, and her nights prowling elevators, waiting for sexy single guys to step on and join her for a private steamy encounter inside the elevator. The only thing she tells them about herself is her nickname, "Miss No One."

Then Olive meets Gavin Marks, a SEC agent and ex-Army Green Beret, and the one man who refuses her offer to make love in the elevator, AKA "Mr. No." It turns out Olive's company is in trouble, and her life is in grave danger. Gavin's agency wants to recruit her to help them build a case against her boss and his lethal business partner. Olive bargains with Gavin and makes him a deal: his 24/7 protection and his tough talking mouth and smoking body in exchange for her help. Olive tries to keep her emotions at bay, but falls hard for the smoldering government bad boy. Will she live long enough to find out if he feels the same way?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Mar 14, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's about time we see the woman throw down the gloves and go after what she wants, no holds barred!

Olive Parker has an a secret addiction. Sex with random sexy strangers. On elevators. Since her first encounter at 19, "Miss No One" is now celebrating her 29th birthday and 10th elevator anniversary and she's primed for a super sweet hookup. When she picks her target, she couldn't be more excited. Until sex on legs turns her down!

"Mr. No," aka SEC agent Gavin Marks, has sought out Olive to get information about her employer. He's attracted to the brazen beauty and makes a deal to sleep with her in exchange for her cooperation--Olive wants "Mr. No" by any means necessary. But when it's clear that Olive isn't the only one in danger, the two will have to stay alive long enough to figure out who their threat is.

So, I think MISS NO ONE, MR. NO: IN ELEVATORS was an interesting certainly made me look at my lengthy wait for the elevators in a whole new way. The MC's had some terrific chemistry, although I didn't particularly LIKE either of them. Olive, for a former military personnel, was wimpy, simpering, sleazy, clingy and whiny and truly irritated the snot out of me. Gavin was slightly better, though I had a tough time envisioning a bad-ass, take no prisoners...SEC agent. Huh? Perhaps that's a real thing, but for me the two don't really go together.

I also had a problem with the inconsistency in the story--E.F. Jacks repeated herself several times, skipped around and generally made some sections tough to follow. Other parts were well written and plotted out. For her first erotic romance novel, I thought Ms. Jacks did a good overall job, and as she develops her talent, I think she'll be one to watch.

Bottom Line: Annoying h and posturing H weren't my favorite, but the overall idea was an interesting one.
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