Ship of Dreams

Rebecca Heflin
Ship of Dreams
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Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
February 2015
Book 2 of Dreams Come True
Contemporary Romance

Advertising Diva Laura Armstrong is after Imperial Cruise Lines, the biggest account of her career and the one that will lead to the next step in her Life Plan of becoming one of the most powerful women in advertising. That winning the account will also prove her father wrong is a bonus.

Sexy Southern Gentleman Nathan Maxwell is after that very same account, but for completely different reasons. Landing the account means a sizeable bonus just in time to save his family's farm, and the only stable home his sister's ever known, from foreclosure.

When the two end up on the same ship in the middle of the Mediterranean for a clandestine reconnaissance mission, Mt. Vesuvius isn't the only thing that could erupt.

Will Nathan sink her ship of dreams before it ever leaves port, or will the way to love be smooth sailing?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Mar 18, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's a rare treat to find a book that has impeccable humor along with a good storyline and hot sex, but Ms. Heflin does all three and does them well in SHIP OF DREAMS.

Nathan Maxwell can't stand to see a beautiful woman in distress, and the shapely Cinderella whose Louboutin's are stuck in a crack in an NYC sidewalk definitely qualifies. Laura Armstrong usually likes her men more rugged than the suit wearing sweetie who saves her shoe, but even she can appreciate a damn gorgeous man when she sees one, especially when that man has the sexiest southern accent she's ever heard. Unfortunately, when they meet again, it's because they're both on the cruise ship Nave dei Sogni (Ship of Dreams) competing for a huge advertising contract. Fortunately, they don't find out the other's occupation right away and get 9 steamy days of a gorgeously erotic affair in. Once the truth is revealed, will either of them be able to deny the bond they've formed?

Ooh, I LOVED this book! SHIP OF DREAMS is the second offering in the Dreams Come True Series and it was so so good! I could relate to the creative industry setting, as well as Laura's unapologetic shoe fetish. Her sense of humor was freakin' hysterical, witty and snarky, self deprecating yet haughty. She was just fabulous. And Nathan, wooohhhmama he's DELISH. All that southern charm wasn't lost on this reader, I'll tell you that! I liked the dichotomy of the rough background and the current polished hottie, and even though that character isn't new, it felt fresh with the humor that Ms. Heflin infused into both him and Laura. Their chemistry was absolutely crazy hot, and even though the sex scenes were more implied than described, I was shocked about just how hot and sexy that could be. I did feel as if the ending was a bit rushed, though I approved of the outcome.

Bottom Line: SHIP OF DREAMS was a fabulous book and I can't wait to pick up more books by this talented author.
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