No Cords Attached

Celeste Carrara
No Cords Attached


Celeste Carrara
Release Date
December 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Cindy is divorced, (and single!) has a great career, and two kids she adores. She isn't interested in a relationship and is more than happy with her life the way it is.

There is only one problem. Cindy misses sex. Pleasing herself satisfies her to a certain extent, but she craves a man to interact with.

Being Internet savvy proves helpful when Cindy finds an online chat site filled with horny men eager to play with her. It's the perfect scenario for what she is looking for. No uncomfortable "getting to know" you conversations, no awkward dates, no relationship drama. Just two people getting their sexy on with no strings attached.

But something happens when she meets a sexy young man named Travis. She thought she had her life figured out and knew exactly what she wanted, but meeting Travis changes everything.

*This 17,267 word erotic contemporary romance contains explicit language and sexual encounters. Mature audiences only.*
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