Kidnapped & Cherished

Penny Powers
Kidnapped & Cherished


Release Date
January 2016
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, Erotic Romance


Two Books in one. Now read about the lives of four people and how they change.
Book 1 is Honeymoon Kidnap:
Jessica and Husband Richard to Las Vegas for their honeymoon. Everything is going good until she finds something out about Richard she didn't know prior. Now she has been kidnapped and meets the man responsible but finds out she is drawn to him.

Victor didn't want to be messed up in the cartel but his last name required it. Finding the ravishing woman out to be the wife of someone from the past he kidnaps her to teach the man a lesson. But soon he realizes she makes him feel things he has never felt before.

They are both attracted to each other but they fight it until he comes up with a proposition. Jessica is asked to spend the weekend with him to save her husbands life. This story contains graphic sexual scenes and language. Mature readers only.

Book 2 is The Marriage Proposal:
Leanne Wilson has been taking care of her and her sister since her mother walked out due to her fathers gambling problems. Due to circumstances she has to come up with a plan to raise a whole lot of money.

Demarion Delvinci is the youngest son of a large crime family. He owns the casinos that are int he city and can have anything he wants. Except Leanne Wilson until he finds out about her situation and offers a solution that she doesn't know if she can say no to.

This book is full of explicit details of sexual scenes and profanity. Mature readers over age 18 only.

Now get both books for one low price.


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