Steele: Into Your Heart

Rie Warren
Steele: Into Your Heart
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Self Published
Release Date
April 2015
Book 3 of Carolina Bad Boys
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Brodie Steele is a badass MC dude. Ashe Kingston is a sexy police officer with an attitude. Their bad blood runs deep. But after they hook up at a wild biker week, can they keep their pact? What happens at Bike Week stays at Bike Week. Yeah, right.

Riding out the rough years following a family tragedy, Brodie is still trying to put his life back together when he finds something he never expected with Ashe. She annoys the ever lovin' hell out of him, and turns him on so much he can't see straight. He keeps coming back for more.

Ashe isn't just a hard-nosed police officer. And she wants no part of Brodie outside of their no-strings-attached fling. There's no way he's settling-down material but he's hard to resist with his inked sleeves and rebellious ways, not to mention piercings in places that make Ashe melt. Brodie Steele is dangerous, delicious, and suddenly determined to have her.

If there's anything more risky than laying his heart on the line for this sexy woman, it's Ashe's job. It puts her life in danger in a way he can't possibly protect her from. Can their hot bond win out over the bad blood of years past? Or will Ashe be taken from Brodie before she lets him into her heart?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
May 03, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I'm still not convinced that Rie Warren isn't a man, with the fabulous way she writes from the dude's POV. Funny, raunchy, erotic and a whole lotta Southern sweet, this book will turn you on and make you wanna tame your own dirty talking bad boy.

Bike week in Myrtle Beach is one hell of a party. Brodie Steele hasn't been in 5 years, instead acting like a responsible adult (ish). But riding down the strip on his Harley, he's more than ready for a week of beer, bros and babes. VP of the Presidents of Retribution MC, Steele is one badass mofo who has chicks lined up for days, but something about the witchy woman grinding on the stage captures his attention…especially when he finds out she's his sworn enemy Ashe Kingston, the cop who arrested his little sis Cat. Thankfully, the heat between them refuses to give into the beef!

The two agree to a one week only fling, but when it's time to walk away, Brodie knows there's no way it's over between them. For the first time, he's thinking of the "R" word when it comes to a woman. To bad Ashe is only down with a relationship if it's NSA. Can Brodie convince his bad girl with a badge to give them a shot?

STEELE: INTO YOUR HEART is book 3 in the Carolina Bad Boys series, and it may just be my favorite so far! I've never been into the MC erotic romance sub genre, but Ms. Warren writes from the dude's POV, which constantly has me curious as to how she got the verbiage JUST RIGHT…dirty, raw, wicked and filthy…and that's just the first chapter! The sex, seriously, the sex. THAT's where it's unlike any other erotic romance out there. The scenes are so gritty and mind-blowingly delicious that I couldn't tear my eyes away from the page. Authors looking to write a better sex scene could learn a few things from Ms. Warren that'll make them blush!

The story was probably 70% sex, however there was a pretty interesting storyline in there too. Ashe was the cop who arrested Brodie's sister Cat, whom we met in Carolina Bad Boys #2, Love, in the Fast Lane. That one event led to their parents' death, but also saved Cat's life, so even as Brodie has hated Ashe for years, he recognizes that positive part of the equation too. I absolutely loved them together, both are big into the biker scene, though Ashe is more discreet since she wears a badge. Brodie enjoys her handcuffs as much as Ashe enjoys his piercings, and the two just click together nicely. And while the first 1/3 of the book was totally raunchy smut, it was saved from being pure porn by the humor and heart and underlying message of honoring family, both young and old, blood or not. There are even some tear jerker moments in STEELE: INTO YOUR HEART that had me crying and smiling simultaneously. This was simply a damn good book that had me thinking about the characters long after the last page was read.

Bottom Line: Best book yet in the Carolina Bad Boys series, though I highly recommend checking out every single one of them. They'll all be on your reread list (and let me know which bad boy is YOUR favorite!)
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