Stardate Society - The Invitation

John Quinton Sycamore
Stardate Society - The Invitation


John Quinton Sycamore
Release Date
March 2015
Book 1 of Stargate Society
BDSM, Erotic Romance

PJ Stanley is an absolute bombshell. At 5'3" and 96 goddess-proportioned pounds, with long golden hair and a perpetual tan-to-die-for, she turns heads everywhere she goes. Now in her fifties, most new acquaintances mistake her age as mid-thirty, a misconception she never corrects. And when she dresses in one of her dozens of erotic costumes and morphs into a fitting character, she presses the libido buttons of both men and women.
She and her long-time husband Brian have enjoyed erotic sexcapades together for nearly twenty years, often flirting with voyeurism, bondage, spanking and, under tightly-controlled conditions, occasionally inviting a third party to join them.
In recent years PJ has eagerly assumed the role of submissive and Brian is on a constant quest to expose her to new erotic adventures, hoping they will convince her to pursue higher and higher levels of sexual experimentation.
This story is an account of one of those adventures, as told by Brian. It takes place during a 2007 trip to Key West, Florida during Fantasy Fest. There they have plans to frolic uninhibited and barely clothed for nearly a week with thousands of like-minded people and Brian secretly hopes the Fantasy Fest atmosphere will further loosen PJ's inhibitions.
Intrigue blossoms when, on their first day there, they learn an anonymous sponsor has recommended them for membership into a super-secret international erotica society called Stardate.
Initially Brian is very skeptical but when he and PJ meet two society representatives who look amazingly like well-known movie stars, he begins to warm to the idea. And when they are invited to a Society gala to be held that very evening aboard a luxury cruise ship where dozens of celebrity look-a-likes will be engaged in highly electric sexual activities, Brian finds it hard to say no.
Stardate Society, The Invitation, is a super erotic, 24,000 word tale offering explicitly detailed depictions of sexual encounters.
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