The Golf Widow

Shannon M. Kirkland
The Golf Widow


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
September 2014

Mike, a socially awkward computer programmer, is virtually abandoned by his wife, Christie, as she pursues a career in Golf. Although married, they are more comfortable as best friends than lovers. Mike's life has revolved around playing the housewife, reading and working. He has depended on Christie to provide companionship and be his social outlet, hiding behind her outgoing personality to avoid conversations with other people. Now he must face his fears and venture out into the world by himself. His first step starts with a visit to the local coffee shop.

He meets Eddie, who has played the social scene and is ready to settle down and pursue his love of writing. He's attracted to Mike; however, his last disastrous attempt at a relationship has left him reluctant to follow his heart. He's already been burned once by falling in love with a married man so he's determined not to let it happen again.

Mike is intrigued by Eddie and is thrilled to find someone who enjoys books as much as he does. Reading Eddie's stories, written under a pseudonym, opens his eyes to the possibility of a deeply fulfilling love and to the truth about his own sexuality.

Will Eddie give Mike a chance? Will Mike find his confidence, overcome his fears and finally find the love he has been missing?


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