One Kiss More

Mandy Baxter
One Kiss More
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Release Date
February 2015
Book 2 of US Marshals Novel Series
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Rough, tough and by the book, he's most criminals' worst nightmare. Until the girl of his dreams is caught on the other side. . .

Emma Ruiz knows her father is innocent. But that doesn't help her convince the law—not even smoking hot U.S. Marshal Landon McCabe. When McCabe bangs on her door demanding information about how her cancer-stricken father escaped from federal prison, she'll have to distract him somehow—it may as well be with a stolen kiss.

Landon gets why Emma isn't saying all she knows. What he doesn't understand is why he's putting his reputation, his case, and his badge on the line for a gorgeous person of interest. Much as he'd love to, he can't let Emma play him. The stakes are higher than either of them can guess. The only way to survive is to trust their instincts. But their instincts want more than one kiss. . .

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Mar 07, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Who knew the U.S. Marshal Service had such delicious morsels determined to protect us!? I for one am a fan after Ms. Baxter's thrilling tribute!

US Marshal and self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie Landon McCabe thrives on being part of the action. His latest case has him needing to make nice with the daughter of a notoriously dirty judge who escaped from prison, even if the woman's mere presence has his adrenaline pumping hard.

Party girl Emma Ruiz will do anything for her dying father, even if it means going up against the terrorists who framed him, put him in prison and then kidnapped him. She knows he's innocent and will do whatever it takes to prove it to the Feds, by any means necessary. Emma's long-held secret crush on Landon has her confused on whether she should run from him or kiss the shit out of him. Ultimately, the two will have to trust one another if they're going to get Emma's father back alive.

In this follow up to One Night More, the talented Ms. Baxter gives us playboy Landon's story in ONE KISS MORE. The chemistry between him and Emma was outstanding; you could tell they were simply made for one another. I could so relate to Landon's adrenaline junkie need for wild and crazy experiences and how sometimes it's a person who causes that same rush. Emma was an enigma...intelligent as hell but with a wild side that really spoke to me. The sexual tension between the two of them kept me primed for happen, and when it did, the scenes Ms. Baxter wrote had me feeling right there in the room with the couple. WHEW!

I enjoyed the danger element of ONE KISS MORE as well. It was a nice continuation of the back story in One Night More, which happened to be Ms. Baxter's debut novel. I was hooked after book one, and now Ms. Baxter's place on my must read author pile is solidified. This one has talent, folks!

Bottom Line: ONE KISS MORE makes me hope for at least one book more in the excellent US Marshals Series.
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