Behind the Velvet Curtain

Matt Converse
Behind the Velvet Curtain


Comet Press
Release Date
March 2015
Erotic Romance, Horror Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Sex sells, what it attracts can be deadly. People probably have an idea of what being a stripper is like; they would probably be wrong. It takes swagger to strip for a room full of men, but what's going on in the stripper's head might surprise you.
Matt Jaxx was just a scrawny kid from Ohio who moved to San Francisco in hopes of starting a new life. He cut his hair, started working out, his acne cleared, and suddenly he was desirable. But when he was up on stage, he held onto the same insecurities he clung to in his childhood. The stripper facade was complete, but inside, he was still the anxious kid he'd always been.
Justin was a young hunk living in the same apartment building. Matt previously would've thought Justin was out of his league. But Matt took a chance and approached, and to his surprise, the attraction was mutual. Over time, the off the charts sex began to turn to love, something Matt hadn't expected.
But just when Matt seemed to have everything he desired, a stalker with a twisted obsession appeared with plans to take it all away.


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