Spice of Love

Shana Figueroa
Spice of Love
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Kindle Direct Publishing
Release Date
March 2015
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

True love—a force so powerful it's altered the course of history, brought nations to their knees… and launched a dozen reality TV shows. What better place to find one's soul mate in the 21st century than on national television?

Genevieve (Geni) Costa is a jaded, cash-strapped journalist and widowed mother still reeling over the death of her husband three years ago. Through a stroke of strange luck, she scores a spot on a reality television show called The Spice of Love, where multiple women date one man in the hopes that he'll fall in love with them and propose in the season finale. Geni, however, has a different objective—to expose the dark secret of this season's rich bachelor, Duke Forrestal, and secure herself a desperately-needed promotion and raise. Besides, finding true love on a reality TV show is impossible…

Or so she thinks.

Meanwhile, Blaise Moreau is at his wits end with his job as executive producer of The Spice of Love. Embroiled in a messy divorce and unable to see his beloved son, he can barely muster enough energy to promote the "true love" and "soul mate" baloney that he used to believe were real. He'd quit if he didn't need the paycheck to fund his divorce lawyer so he can see his son again. Blaise is desperate for an easy, boring season…

Too bad he let Geni Costa on the show.

Blaise scrambles to pick up the pieces and salvage the show as Geni blows up one date after another. For Geni, what began as a financial opportunity turns into something more when against all reason she finds herself falling in love—but with Duke, or the head producer?

A sexy, razor-sharp critique of Hollywood, SPICE OF LOVE is a contemporary romantic comedy. It's the frequently touching and always hilarious tale of finding love in the most unlikely of places: a reality dating show.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jan 03, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SPICE OF LOVE by Shana Figueroa had me chuckling almost from the get-go. Having grown up in coastal Southern California, I feel as though these characters are my neighbors, my classmates, my friends. Toss in a reality show offering a happily ever after and we have the makings for laugh out loud funny.

Geni Costa is a widowed mom, with a daughter, barely making ends meet. She agrees to try out for the show, Spice of Love, with the hopes of securing a big story and getting a much-needed raise/promotion. From her very first interview, sparks begin to fly and I knew that I was in for a treat.

When she's (un)fortunate enough to win a slot on the show as one of the bachelorettes, the fun really starts and doesn't stop until the end. Because everything that could go wrong…does. Spectacularly so.

While I'm not one for reality television shows, I could just imagine this going on behind the scenes on most any show as contestants fight amongst themselves and join cliques. Add some drunken behavior (I laughed over the mechanical bull) and incredibly creative scene editing and voilà, chaos, hilarity, entertainment gold.

Ultimately, this is a story of second chances butting heads against Murphy's Law; of misunderstandings both unintentional and intentional; and of happily ever afters for even the most cynical.
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