The Arrangement

Jacqueline Campos
The Arrangement
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Luminosity Publishing
Release Date
February 2015
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

The hottest A-list couple in Hollywood, Julianne De Rossi and Blake Quinn, are young, talented, gorgeous, and in love. But, are they really? Blake is lusted after by the entire female population, but he is really into men.

And Julianne, stunning and voluptuous, every man's dream, is a man crazy hot-blooded woman. Julianne has needs and wants and must look to satisfy her urges wherever she can find it, discreetly. Can she be happy with only being a sexual toy for the hottest men in Hollywood? Will her arrangement with Blake Quinn interfere with her deepest yearning for a boyfriend of her own? Will she find a man to love her for whom she really is?

How long can Blake lie about who he is? Will he be satisfied with the random and anonymous sex easily found in Hollywood?

How long can they keep up the façade, or will they break "The Arrangement?"

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 01, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Nothing is quite so addictive as getting the inside scoop on the rich and famous, and new author Jacqueline Campos definitely made me feel like I was hearing some fabulous secrets.

Julianne DeRossi and Blake Quinn have it all. They're young, talented, gorgeous and madly in love…like siblings. The Hollywood "It Couple" was created by their manager's evil genius mind, skyrocketing their careers through the stratosphere. But Blake is into dudes, and he's getting sick of lying to everyone about his life. Meanwhile, Julianne can't remember the last time she even HAD sex! The arrangement that has worked for them for years is now becoming a huge hindrance, especially since Julianne is taking more sexual risks. What happens when one of them finds the love they've been searching for?

THE ARRANGEMENT was a fun and filthy look into Hollywood relationships that are strictly for the cameras. With her debut novel, screenwriter Jacqueline Campos gives us an inside look that has you wondering how much is based on real celebrities. Honestly, it makes me sad to think that celebs are still hiding an elemental part of their being; that can't be a very fulfilling existence! Nevertheless, we all know that's not an unusual occurrence in Tinsel Town, and this book made a lighthearted attempt to look at a couple in that situation, and I absolutely ate it up!

THE ARRANGEMENT has a myriad of sexual episodes, a little something for everyone. From benign MM make out sessions to raunchy 3 ways, Ms. Campos takes you on one hot ride, even when the sex is loving and sensual instead of swinging from the chandelier. There were some editing errors and terribly cheesy lines in THE ARRANGEMENT, and the ending was pretty abrupt, but I think that Ms. Campos has a bright future as an author. The characters were lovable and empathetic and I really cared about how their stories turned out.

Bottom Line: This new author is one to watch, especially if she continues to delve into the naughty side of Hollywood.
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