Ménage Material

Serena Akeroyd
Ménage Material
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
November 2014
Book 1 of La Belle Sans La Bete Menages
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Realizing there's a third person in her marriage, Devvy Jacques is stunned.
Discovering her husband's lover is a man, she's horrified.
Learning that man is Alexei Ivanov, the internationally renowned scientist behind the cure for cancer, she's...
Being part of a menage wasn't in any of her fairy tales as a kid, but the more she's with hubby, Sebastien, and new lover, Alexei, the more she realizes it's a dream come true.
Around them, between them, under or above them, Devvy flourishes, becoming the woman she was meant to be before life did a number on her.
With the menage flourishing, and love growing every day, it takes a twisted blackmailer to derail it all. Raking up past secrets Alex wants to remain hidden, and exposing their unusual household to the world's eye, the trio face enough challenges to unravel apart.
Will life work its mischief or will they still have what it takes to be perfect Menage Material?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
May 24, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WOW - this is a seriously good book! Not for the first time, I wish that we had the option of a special rating for those exceptionally excellent reads where a 5 just isn't enough. Not your typical ménage storyline or characters, MÉNAGE MATERIAL has what so many erotic romance stories lack: substance.

Devvy and Sebastien Jacques have been happily married for two years, but something is amiss in paradise. Sebastien admits to Devvy that he has a longtime lover, famed scientist Alexi Ivanov, and that the two of them schemed together in hopes of eventually forming a triad relationship with her. To say Devvy is shocked is a major understatement, especially since she's had a massive crush on the elusive Alex since she was a teenager!

While it may be wicked and immoral, Devvy finds herself falling just as hard for the introverted and agoraphobic Alex as she did for her gorgeous workaholic husband. The loving attention of both men has Devvy blooming like the flowers the botanist loves so much, but will the trio's love be strong enough to withstand crazy families, blackmail, psychological problems and deception?

MÉNAGE MATERIAL is the first book in the upcoming La Belle sans la Bête Ménages series, and even though I just finished it, I'm already jonesing for more! When I read the synopsis and checked out the cover, I figured this book would be like any other hot as hell MMF out there, a so so storyline surrounded by crazy erotic sex and decent characters. MÉNAGE MATERIAL is SO much more. Devvy's insta-connection with Alex felt absolutely palpable, their chemistry jumping off the pages, even more so than either of them have with Bastien, really. Even though her hero-worship adoration of Alex and obsessive love for Bastien has her starry-eyed with her head in the cloud, the very real ménage they want to have with her takes a while to get used to. She doesn't jump into bed with them, instead taking her time getting to know Alex, researching threesome sex and learning more about her husband than she ever thought possible. And when they finally do come together? Holy freakin' hell people, THE SEX! As if the storyline wasn't awesome enough, Ms. Akeroyd wrote some of the most deliciously erotic scenes.

The overall theme of MÉNAGE MATERIAL wasn't entirely sex though. It was connection and unconditional love and support in the face of fear. It was a genuine look at the unspoken trauma of childhood abuse in an adult. It was powerful and raw and sad, yet uplifting and full of hope for the future.

Bottom Line: MÉNAGE MATERIAL is one of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading, with a tortured hero who will break your heart and have you believing in the power of love.
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