A Menage Made on Madison

Serena Akeroyd
A Menage Made on Madison
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
March 2015
Book 1 of The Federation
Alternate Universe, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Ménage or more

For the last sixty years, Parker and Knox Baxx have been in love. Regardless of their cross-mating, she an Earthling and he a Shuzon, they've managed to create a successful partnership. In both the bedroom, and the boardroom.

Rich beyond their wildest dreams from the hotel resort they've constructed from scratch on the outskirts of Federation territory, there's only one problem. Shuzons are part of a twin pair, and they share their mates. Without Rafer, Knox's brother, Parker's Earthling sensibilities are going haywire. Her body is experiencing a complete system shutdown, and she has only the one option open to her—to bind herself to Rafer.

The trouble is, he's a high-ranking officer in the Fleet, the Federation's armed wing, which ransacked and destroyed Earth. Secondly, he has enemies of his own. Thirdly, she doesn't trust him.

Loving and being loved by Knox is no longer enough. Can Parker learn to trust Rafer with her heart, body, and wellbeing before it's too late?

Book Review by tangie (reviewer)
Apr 15, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The emotional connection between Knox and Parker leapt from the pages of A MENAGE MADE ON MADISON by Serena Akeroyd.

Knox and Parker are happy but they are missing an integral part or person in their relationship--Knox's twin, Rafer. While Parker is human, Knox is not, and his culture requires their twin share at least in part, a mate. Knox has bucked tradition by choosing to mate with a single person instead of a twin and that is just one of the many ways he and his twin are different.

Parker has had sixty years to accept that her future involves not only Knox but his twin. The only problem is that Rafer doesn't appear to want her as a mate. She could accept the loss but her body is battling against her mind. Knox is no longer enough for her and her body yearns for a connection with Rafer. I was impressed with Parker's handling of--for lack of a better word--her body's mutiny. She loves Knox and is happy with the life they have built through blood, sweat, and bigotry. She doesn't feel like she is enough for Rafer; otherwise he would have joined her and Knox. Without Rafer, Knox is half a man and will not have children of his own. So I was predisposed to dislike Rafer from the beginning. That was until I met him.

Ms. Akeroyd did a wonderful job of showing that all was not as it seems. Rafer was fighting his needs and inclinations. By making a decision that was right for him at the time, he doomed his twin in ways he would only later understand. But Rafer had a core of honor that we were slowly exposed to even as he fought to find a place within the home that has been waiting for him. He is finally ready but his return brings danger to the two most important people to him. What does that danger force him to do? Will he have learned from his past mistakes?

I loved seeing these characters fight to be together. They have issues that have simmered unspoken for many years. With Rafer's return to the fold, adjustments must be made. I loved that Ms. Akeroyd did not make it seamless even if the love was there. Knox had to learn to share even as he fought to forgive his twin for the choices he alone made. Rafer had to learn life outside of the military and find a place within a relationship that has had years to gel. And Parker has to accept the control mating aliens took from her even as she found herself falling in love all over again.

This story is a wonderful read. It is full of sexy aliens, action and adventure, as well as emotion. Ms. Akeroyd shows us that a relationship takes time and effort. The chemistry was hot and believable and added to the story. This one is well worth the read!
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