The Dragon King

Candace Blevins
The Dragon King
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Release Date
March 2015
Book 1 of Chattanooga Supernaturals
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Book one of The Chattanooga Supernaturals, paranormal romance with claws...

Aaron Drake is nine thousand years old and one of the last remaining European were-dragons. With no female Dragons, his only hope of children lies in his grandmother's dying words. "The Swan Princesses may be the Dragons' only hope."

Sophia Siyanko is the first Swan Princess without at least one brother to take the throne in Aaron's long memory. However, her father chooses her husband when she's twelve, and sets the date for her twenty-fifth birthday. She is sequestered in her father's mansion, raised by governesses and tutors to be the future King's arm candy, and Aaron's options are limited.

But then Sophia escapes her father's compound a few weeks before her twenty-fifth birthday. Determined to escape or die trying, she comes to Aaron for help.

To protect her, he'll have to fight every Swan and Eagle on the planet, most of the Wolves, and all of Faerie.

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Apr 29, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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After escaping her father's compound, Swan Princess Sophia Siyanko seeks help from the were-dragon Aaron Drake who will have to fight every swan and eagle, most of the wolves and all of Faerie in this exciting paranormal romance.

Having lived a very sheltered life, Sophia will have to overcome challenges, accept fate and become the queen she was meant to be. On the other hand, Drake will have to overcome his own dragon instincts to help her achieve her destiny. The reader can't help but get caught up in a romance that changes the course of two supernatural beings and their people. The attraction between Sophia and Drake burns pretty hot and only gets hotter with some steamy sex scenes but the relationship has lots of trials and emotional hurdles to be conquered. And this adds lots of spice and depth to the story as the fast-paced and smooth-flowing plot challenges readers to keep up with these strong bewitching characters with lots of suspense, action and romance.

Spine-tingling expectation and thrilling action keeps the readers on their toes as Sophia's father sends numerous people out to bring the princess home. The danger escalates when some decide that returning her home might not be such a good idea. The challenges that Sophia must face to become the Swan Queen adds lots of excitement and kind of kinky entertainment to the story as well. Let's just say that her sexy Dragon King is definitely up to the task. The well-written scenes and details paint vivid images that bring the story to life while the well-orchestrated events ensure that there is never a dull moment.

The author has created a fascinating world full of intriguing characters and unique elements that make for a refreshing change and add a little something extra to the story. There was no way I could put this story down once I started reading it. I have to say I love the interesting swan culture that the author has created and mixing with it the dragons is genius. Needless to say I can't wait to read the next one.
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