Sweets for the Millionaire

Charlene Penfold
Sweets for the Millionaire


Xlibris Publishing
Release Date
May 2013
Erotic Romance

"Danielle Slade had the perfect life at twenty-one, or at least that is what she thought until tragedy strikes and changes her life forever. Danni is left to raise her fourteen–year-old brother after their parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.
Danni quits college to go and work at a local bakery, where she quickly became good friends with the owner, Allie. Allie is a single mother who has already raised her two sons, so she knows most of what Danni is going through.
After meeting her dream lover, Peter, at the bakery one day, Danni runs into him again at the Real Estate conference she attends in Las Vegas. The two hit it off and share amazing love making in the most public places. This surprises Danni; she has never done anything like this before. It is so out of character for her.
A few days later after she returns from Las Vegas, Danni receives a phone call from Peter's sister. Another tragedy strikes, she explains that Peter has been in a fatal plane crash that has left him crippled. Danni immediately flies out to Ontario to be by Peter's side, only he does not want her there.
Danni knows that she must be strong; she has too much to lose—a miracle of her own.
A few years go by, things are going pretty good. Eric has gone off to College and spending more time with Melanie and Danni accepts a job offer in San Antonio, Texas. Once she moves down there, she fears that she is being followed and can't shake the feeling. It's Peter. Danni faints and awakes in Peter's arms."


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