The Male Chastity Revolution

Mistress Benay
The Male Chastity Revolution


DSC, Inc.
Release Date
March 2015
Erotic Romance

A Major Revolution is taking place today around the World. Without a shot being fired, Women everywhere are taking control of their Marriages and their Relationships with their male partners
If you are wondering how you can improve your Marriage or your Relationship with your male partner, then you need to read this book which describes in detail how Women everywhere are now experiencing the benefits of a Female Led Relationship, where Male Chastity is a Key component of the relationship.
Women, all across the country, over the last five years have begun to take control, in their relationships with men, and as a result, they are now receiving all of the satisfaction and pleasure which they desire, by locking their male partner up in a male chastity device.
Now, you can also have your partner totally attentive to your wishes and needs, by embracing this trend, which is gaining more momentum day by day. Would you like to have your male partner ready to pleasure you on a moments notice? Would you like to have your partner do all the chores around the house which you have no desire to do?
Then you need to read this book, and make yourself aware of what is going on right now with the "Male Chastity Revolution", so that you also can reap the benefits which Women everywhere are already enjoying!
In this exciting and helpful book, Mistress Benay gives us in-depth accounts of real people, who are living proof that a Female Led Relationship does give Women the satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness that they have been searching for, in their relationships with men.
In this book, you will not only read real letters from people living the Female Led Relationship Lifestyle,but you will also get updated Product Reviews on the most popular Male Chastity Devices on the market, and proven Tips and Techniques from Mistress Benay for Key Holders, which will help ensure that every woman can experience the pleasures that are possible


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