The Knight's Seduction

Renee Rose
The Knight's Seduction
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Stormy Night Publications
Release Date
April 2015
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

Avowed to never again yield to a man's ill-treatment, Lady Daisy stands ready to fight to the death when the castle she has long called home is sacked by an enemy army. The imposing knight Sir Barrett has other ideas, however, and to her dismay, Daisy soon finds herself not only disarmed, but soundly spanked as well.

Sir Barrett takes her as his captive bride, but when she shows real terror at the prospect of consummating their marriage, he offers her a bargain. She will offer her body to him and accept the pleasurable torments he inflicts, but he will not claim her fully until she aches for it so badly she begs him. Certain she will do no such thing, Daisy agrees, but can she resist the knight's seduction?

Publisher's Note: The Knight's Seduction contains spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book collection entitled The Conquered Brides.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jul 11, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I have to admit that I'm a bit twisted and when I hear about spanking stories, I immediately hear Monty Python in my head. Make it a knight's tale coupled with spanking and I'm done for. I cannot get them out of my head.

Despite that, THE KNIGHT'S SEDUCTION is a marvelous story of Lady Daisy who is forced to marry Barrett (Bear), the bastard brother to Prince Erik. What ensues is a marvelous telling of a dominance and submission story, as we are witness to how both love and dominance can change a person from frightened to assured (trying to avoid spoilers).

The progression of their relationship is well done and the use of corporal punishment (spanking) is never overdone, and Renee Rose does an excellent job of differentiating between punishment and pleasure.

Told as a period piece, the historical aspects help keep the reader within the context and Lady Daisy's idiosyncrasies are wonderful. I loved her despair at not being a good weaver. This is a well-spun erotic story with an exciting twist that I plan to read again. Very. Soon.
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