The Neighbor's Son 2: Mind Games

Ella Ward
The Neighbor's Son 2: Mind Games


PTMDR Enterprises
Release Date
February 2015
Book 2 of The Forbidden Love Series
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Things get violent when Peter, Sidney's drunk ex-husband, decides to drop by unannounced and finds half naked Cade Fisher in the house he's still paying for. The scary and unpleasant episode makes Sidney realize that getting in bed with the neighbor's barely legal son was a huge mistake. She can't risk more people finding out about her lapse of judgment, so she tells Cade she can't see him anymore.

Cade is angry and heartbroken, but chooses to respect Sidney's decision. He keeps his distance from her for a while, but his infatuation with his much older neighbor is too strong. At a party they both attend, Cade gets Sidney alone and makes a very (ahem) convincing argument as to why they should continue their steamy affair. Sidney has a decision to make: continue with the inappropriate but sizzling summer fling or try to make things work with Kevin, the age appropriate, boring insurance adjuster she's been seeing.

Meanwhile, a heinous blackmail plot threatens to expose Sidney's secret and destroy her reputation.


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