Caress of Pleasure: A Dark Pleasures Novella

Julie Kenner
Caress of Pleasure: A Dark Pleasures Novella
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Evil Eye Concepts, Inc
Release Date
April 2015
Book 10 of 1001 Dark Nights
Erotic Romance

I'd thought that he was mine, the dark, arresting man who commanded not only my body but my heart. Dante had swept into my life, and I'd succumbed to the burn of passion in his arms.

I'd believed we had a love that would last forever, but he'd shattered my dreams and broken me into pieces when he'd walked away, taking a piece of my soul with him.

Now he has come back seeking my help, and though I try to keep my distance and protect my heart, I cannot deny that the fire between us burns hotter than ever. And I cannot help but fear that this time our passion will reduce us both to ashes.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 16, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When you're made up of pure energy and exist forever, it's kind of tough to find a mate that can keep up with you.

Dante Storm is a member of the Phoenix Brotherhood, a group of beings who are made up of pure energy and possess special abilities. He's watched his brothers pair up with their mates one by one, but Dante's situation isn't that simple. He willingly gave up Brenna Hart 13 years ago, cutting out his heart in the process. When he's tasked with locating the same brooch that private acquisitions consultant Brenna has been hired to find, he'll have to make amends with the woman whose heart he broke. Brenna believed that her love with Dante was a fairy tale, until he walked away on the arm of another woman. Now he's back, and she'll be damned if she lets him walk away again!

CARESS OF PLEASURE is a novella in the Dark Pleasures Series by Julie Kenner, and also a stand-alone book in the innovative and fun 1001 Dark Nights Series featuring magical and mystical erotic stories by a variety of popular authors inspired by the classic The Arabian Nights tale. I read Caress of Darkness, another of Ms. Kenner's books that straddles both series and was a big fan, and CARESS OF PLEASURE didn't disappoint!

Dante and Brenna were a terrific couple and had chemistry in spades. Though his reasons for leaving her were solid, it was so sad that they wasted 13 years apart! With good characters, hot sex and a great storyline that feels whipped up in magic, CARESS OF PLEASURE is one sexy novella I definitely recommend!

Bottom Line: CARESS OF PLEASURE makes me want to read more in this most excellent series!
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