The Glass House

Suki Fleet
The Glass House
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
April 2015
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

At seventeen, Sasha is a little lost and a lot lonely. He craves friendship and love, but although he's outwardly confident, his self-destructive tendencies cause problems, and he pushes people away. Making sculptures out of the broken glass he collects is the only thing that brings him any peace, but it's not enough and everyday he feels himself dying a little more inside. Until he meets Thomas.

Thomas is shy but sure of himself in a way Sasha can't understand. He makes it his mission to prove to Sasha that he is worthy of love, and doesn't give up even when Sasha hurts him. Little by little Sasha begins to trust Thomas. And when Sasha is forced to confront his past he realises accepting the love Thomas gives him is the only way to push back the darkness.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
May 08, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"Because we are not brittle like glass, but more like the light that shines through it, bright and unyielding--we are alive and unfinished.

We are in love. And it is enough."

Goodness, this was beautiful.

Sasha has put up all the guards and all the walls he can to protect himself. He doesn't feel close to anyone, or like anyone, really. In fact, he doesn't even particularly like himself. He's been so hurt and abandoned by those who should have protected him that he pushes everything away. Until he hurts one person in particular who tries to reach out to him--Thomas.

Thomas, he can't bear to hurt. Thomas, who is kind and patient and understands Sasha like nobody else ever has. He's a wonderful character; there's so much depth to him. His life is not without its challenges either, but he keeps Sasha grounded and sane. Thomas never gave up on Sasha, no matter how much Sasha pushed; Thomas remained persistent and became the one person Sasha truly let in.

Sasha's character is so real. I could feel all his pain and discomfort. Every time he struggled to be open and honest with Thomas, I struggled with him. When he had to face his hurtful past, I just wanted to look away. Sasha's amazing; regardless of all the hurt and all his barriers, he doesn't let himself fall.

I love how organic their relationship felt. The progression to friends and then to more was slow, but then once it happened, it felt like they were more all along. Like they never really were just acquaintances from art class. How could they have ever been anything less than what they are now?

THE GLASS HOUSE is raw and powerful, and I can't recommend it strongly enough.
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