In Memory of Us

Ana J. Phoenix
In Memory of Us
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Release Date
March 2015
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Kite's had a crush on Shin since middle school, but never acted on it until the eve of his yearly trip to the States, when he slipped up and kissed his best friend. Shortly after, a tsunami wrecked the country and his hometown, and put all his plans on hold. Now, two years later, he's back in Japan and he wants to set things right.

When he finds Shin, though, his former best friend isn't who he used to be. Losing his parents changed Shin and now, instead of following his heart, he's dedicated his life to studying for university entrance exams and ignoring everything else. He won't let Kite get close, denying his obvious attraction and all their good memories.

Kite doesn't want to give up on Shin, but he can't shake the feeling that there's something his friend isn't telling him. Something else that happened two years ago on the day of the tsunami. He doesn't know what it is, just that it's destroying his friend—and possibly their shot at love.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
May 15, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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IN MEMORY OF US is a short and sweet friends to lovers novella.

Kite and Shin were best friends for years. One night, Kite was unable to resist and kissed his best friend, but then immediately left for the States. He didn't return for two years, but the first place he went when he went back to Japan was to see his old friend, Shin.

Shin is definitely shaken when he sees Kite show up. He's completely unwelcoming and rude. I loved that Kite didn't really care, but went right on in and tried to continue where they left off in their friendship.

A lot had changed since they last saw each other. A Tsunami hit and Shin lost his parents. Much happened between Shin and his mother right before he lost her, which had a lot to do with his standoffish behavior towards Kite. Kite knew there was more to the story and tried to get through to his former friend and convince him that they could be so much more together.

I really like friends to lovers stories, like this one. Shin and Kite had a lot to rehash before they could move further. They both loved each other for so long, it would have been easy for them to just fall into a relationship, but I like that the author had them open up first; it created more depth to their characters.

I'll be on the lookout for more from this author after this enjoyable novella.
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