Jonah's Salvation

Abbie Carlisle
Jonah's Salvation


Release Date
February 2015
Book 2 of The Order of the Mist
Paranormal Romance

Jonah, the 1st Lord of The Mist is the King's second in command and is head of security. He is dedicated to his job and doesn't want or need a female in his life. Having spent years imprisoned by Harvey, The Order's enemy, focussing on his job is the only way he knows how to survive. A brief encounter with a beautiful female changes everything though. The female plagues his thoughts and torments his mind, but she was part of his suffering. He can never forgive her, but cannot escape the memories of her beauty.
Alana is a unique entity in The Mist race. She is one half of the only known twins of their kind and Harvey knows how valuable the twins are. He has imprisoned them both and kept them apart and if Alana ever tries to escape, it will risk her sister's life. She must do everything Harvey instructs to keep her sister alive, even performing tests on prisoners held in Harvey's cells. She's resolved her life to be no more than a pitiful excuse for an existence. When Alana receives a call from James, a Lord of The Mist, she is reunited with Jonah, the male who was imprisoned in the cells. He is shocked to see her and finds it hard to contain his anger. Alana wont tell The Order why she has been in Harvey's home for the last fifty years but Jonah knows she is hiding something. His overwhelming desire to protect her shocks him. He doesn't know if he can ever forgive her until he finds out the true reason why she has never tried to escape. Alana then has to trust The Order when they offer to help her find her sister. Will they be too late though?
As both Jonah and Alana learn to trust again, their love grows and their destiny entwines. Passion between them explodes and when The Order goes to Harvey's headquarters to rescue Alana's sister, Jonah is shocked by both Alana's and her sisters powers. He finally understands why Harvey wanted to separate them.


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