The Awakening

Alp Mortal
The Awakening


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
November 2013
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

Poseidon's wrath, unleashed in the face of Sven the merman's transgression, causes a tempest which destroys Jeremiah's village. Most of the villagers lose their lives. In the aftermath, Jeremiah finds Sven marooned on the beach and from him learns the reason why so many had to die.

Jeremiah demands to see Poseidon and Sven reluctantly agrees to take him. Sven imparts the gift which allows Jeremiah to breathe underwater. They leave the village and make for Poseidon's palace under the ocean.

But the tempest also set free the Leviathan from its ice prison, and now both worlds are at risk from complete annihilation unless the monster can be destroyed.

Jeremiah accepts the challenge of defeating the creature for the prize of immortality. He travels north to rendezvous with Lord Atlantis, meeting Marcus, a merman, with whom he falls in love. Thus begins Jeremiah's awakening.

Armed with Poseidon's blade, in the company of the brotherhood of the Northern Guard, with Marcus at his side, Jeremiah leads a daring plan to save the world from the Leviathan's devastation.

But even when success looks certain, a fateful choice has to be made that will rob Jeremiah of his prize and his lover.

The Awakening is the single volume that contains the stories, The Tempest, The Changeling Moon and The Pallasite Star all previously available separately.

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