Seduced by an Angel

J.Rose Allister
Seduced by an Angel
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Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Release Date
February 2011
Book 3 of Immortal Paradise
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

When seven virgins are brought to a unique island resort to be propositioned by a gorgeous angel who wants to have a child, hotel employee Kazia is mortified to learn she is one of the potentials in his mating game--and that her job depends on cooperating with the VIP's whims.

Archangel Andel hopes to create an immortal child before his fertility phase ends. He has some thoughts about his em-sehad--his ideal mate--but he harbors a secret that he cannot risk revealing to the woman he ultimately selects.

When Kazia finds herself lured in by Andel's potent eroticism, secrets of her own are revealed that could keep him from claiming her.

Meanwhile, supernatural powers are conspiring to prevent Andel from perpetuating his blood line. How will Andel and Kazia overcome their pasts--and the will of heaven--in order to consummate their passion?

Book Review by Rebecca
Apr 03, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL is an enchanting story of an angel who wants nothing more than to find love. Vivid descriptions and dialogue create a believable world and an interesting romantic fantasy taking readers to a resort accommodating immortal beings. A reader can almost feel himself standing on the seventh floor of the resort looking over the Caribbean Sea.

Archangel Andel wants to create an immortal child. He must do so during his only fertility period or he will never have a child. First, he must identify his em-sehad, his ideal mate. He has some idea who his em-sehad is but his insecurity drives him to invite seven women to the resort from which to choose. To be honest, as a reader, this offended me especially since it's revealed that he knew all along that Kazia was his em-sehad. I would've felt more affection for his character if he'd simply claimed what he knew to be his.

Kazia, hotel employee and concierge to the immortal VIPs, is shocked when she learns she is to be one of the seven women from which Andel will choose. She is unique, as are the other six, because she is a virgin, which is a requirement of any woman who will conceive an immortal child. While she doesn't want to cooperate at first, her supervisor informs her that her job depends on her cooperation. Kazia seems likeable but has no particular strength that draws me to her as a heroine. She is lackluster.

When Kazia meets Andel and finds herself attracted to him, she is unable to resist the eroticism that his simple touch provides. Based on legend (I liked this part – it was romantic), his true em-sehad is drawn to him even when he does not seek her out. She clearly meets all requirements of the em-sehad and yet still he drags his feet. His biological clock is ticking and he's still taking his sweet time.

As the couple begins to share the secrets both hold from their pasts, the reader comes to know the characters better. And then there's this immortal conspiring to prevent Andel from continuing his bloodline. There is much for this couple to overcome and time is running out – but it seems to get resolved all too easily with very little suspense. I guess this story was just missing that wow factor for me.

The connection between Kazia and Andel was evident though the passion was not as incredible a force as romance readers often melt over. The vivid imagery creates a beautiful world, if only that same descriptive quality flowed into the building of their love. SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL was a nice story but nothing to say "wow" about.
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