Men Like This

Roxanne Smith
Men Like This
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Kensington/Lyrical Press
Release Date
April 2015
Book 1 of The Long Shot
Contemporary Romance

Can she trust a man who pretends for a living?

Horror author Quinn Buzzly knows all about the dark side, but when she meets actor Jack Decker, she's moved to explore something completely different—at least on paper. With his sexy good looks, intriguing manner, and charming Irish-tinged English accent, Jack is the perfect model for her next hero. Quinn decides to spend one year in London writing a historical romance inspired by him. Until real life butts in…

Jack's jealous ex-fiancée sparks a media storm when she accuses him and Quinn of having an affair. But Jack knows how to play this game. At his insistence, Quinn agrees to go along with the faux romance until the chatter subsides. Then they'll stage a quiet breakup and go their separate ways. Yet Jack is a shameless—and irresistibly convincing—flirt, and Quinn has to remind herself it's an act. Or is it? If Jack means business, he'll have to find the words to convince a wordsmith that their love is the real thing…

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Sep 06, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MEN LIKE THIS is a sweet romance with unforgettable characters that make you believe once again in love.

Quinn hied herself off to England to immerse herself in the culture as she was writing a book set in that country. Quite by chance, she came upon movie star Jack Decker, the man she had an easy rapport with and with whom she had a one-night stand about a year ago. She found out that the rapport was real; they had this easy camaraderie with each other, in addition to the sizzling mutual attraction. When Jack's ex-fiancee makes trouble for them, Jack suggests they go ahead and play along that they're together until the furor dies down. However, Jack is an actor. Can she believe anything he says, or is it all an act?

For any red-blooded woman reading this book, Jack is a to-die-for hero. As early as his first meeting with Quinn, he displayed this easy charm that captivated her (and me!), and his obviously affectionate relationship with his mother sealed the deal. I find it sweet that he goes to his mom for relationship advice. Early on in their "relationship", he realized what he wanted--Quinn--and he did all things possible to win her. He truly is a nice guy; he believed in relationships and standing by his woman, and he's not a manwhore! How rare is that? And the man can cook! As Quinn realized,

"Men like Jack weren't made everyday. A man like Jack cherished his woman simply by virtue of her being his. He stood by her...He didn't accept a frown as long as he had the power to make her smile."

I just have one question. Where can I find a man like Jack?

Quinn is a great heroine, too, a bit shadowed by Jack in the "wonderful" department, but I can sympathize with her, for she had been through a lot. I like her relationship with her father; it was affectionate and easy and full of the respect each feels for the other. One thing nice about this book is the positive relationships both Jack and Quinn have with their respective parent, and by that, I don't mean merely a cordial relationship, but a real, affectionate, loving, respectful relationship. What I don't like is her sister Emily, who, Quinn herself admitted, had a way of bringing her down. Instead of showing support, Emily is lightning quick to point out Quinn's mistakes, shows no loyalty to her sister and gives horrendously bad advice. She's annoying and I totally hated her for what she told Quinn in London and what she did there. By the end of the book, I wanted to strangle her. I have to say kudos to the author for being able to create such a character as to inspire strong, negative emotions in me.

The story is written well, and the pacing was just right; it was a pleasure to read. Quinn's banter with Jack was fun and witty and funny; and their rapport is such that you can easily sense that they are truly "best friends who don't know each other" and soul mates. Another fine piece of writing, that.

Roxanne Smith is definitely an author to watch, and I thank her for bringing us Quinn and Jack, but especially Jack. I might even read the next book on Emily, if just to see what's happening with Jack and Quinn. I hope they play a major cameo role.
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