Purr-fect for Her

Jane Jamison
Purr-fect for Her
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
March 2015
Book 1 of Tigers of Twisted, Texas
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Vamps & Shifters Romance, Western Romance

Kylie Honeyton witnessed a cold-blooded killing. The victim? No one she knows. The killer? Her boyfriend Frank, hit man for a crime organization. With Frank on her heels, she has no choice but to run.

Weretigers Heath and Braden Asher met Kylie at a bachelorette party six months earlier, but failed to find out her last name or where she lived. Their mistake haunts them until she suddenly appears on the road leading to the small shifter town of Twisted, Texas. Kylie's starting to like living in Twisted, even if the residents seem a bit odd. Yet when Heath and Braden reveal their secret, she's not sure whether to scream or scratch them behind their ears.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Dec 08, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Imagine running for your life because the man you thought loved you is a killer and now wants you dead. Life seemed okay as a fourth-grade teacher until Kylie witnesses her boyfriend committing a violent murder. He doesn't intend to leave any witnesses so she has to find a safe place fast. Luckily, there are two brothers just waiting for her if she can make her way to them.

The story actually opens six months before Kylie witnesses the crime that causes her to flee. She is at a bachelorette party in another city getting pretty drunk. On her way back from a restroom visit, she literally bumps into a really hot guy. There is an amazing connection. Next thing she knows, there is another hot guy caressing her from the back. The two introduce themselves as brothers but before things can progress to even names, they are interrupted. Kylie and her boyfriend Frank had been having issues for awhile and the incident almost made her decide to break up with him but she gave him another chance. When she is finally going to kick him to the curb due to his violent sexual demands, she witnesses the murder and goes on the run.

Believing in fate is an important part of the story. It turns out the brothers she met, Heath and Braden, are shifters and live in a town filled with cat shifters named Twisted, Texas. They realized immediately that Kylie was their mate and have been on the hunt for her since that meeting at the bar. They believe that fate will bring them together. Kylie jumps on a bus and meets a woman from Twisted that offers her sanctuary. She has a dramatic entrance to the community and Braden discovers fate has brought their mate back to them.

Kylie is an interesting character. She lost her father to suicide as an infant and her mother has died as well. She became a teacher like her mother and it is important to her to make the children in her class feel special. Kylie doesn't have a lot of connections to others so it is not that hard for her to take off when she is in danger. Her relationship with Frank is definitely complicated. They met online and it seemed to go really well at first. He was kind and sensitive but then he kept pushing her to engage in more and more violent sexual activities even after her refusal. It is primarily for that reason that she is finally willing to end the relationship. She fears where it may go next.

Kylie oddly enough keeps an emergency suitcase and plans for all kinds of situations. The author never really explained where that need for safety preparations developed. She also has no confidence in the police and never considers seeking their help. Again, there is nothing in her past that would really explains that distrust. Her sudden desire for another career after seeming so devoted to teaching was also a little off. They just seemed to be very convenient details for the plot to move forward in the direction the author wanted it to go rather than a more natural flow.

Heath and Braden are half brothers with the same mother. They are very comfortable as cat shifters and running their ranch. They have always planned to share a mate and a family. The author doesn't really share a great deal about their past relationships and how they came to believe they would share a mate. I think the story would have benefited from getting more background on them. Many other stories like this with brothers sharing a mate have a family and community where it is the norm to form a triad. There is only one other person that mentions having multiple partners.

This menage romance features the female as the focus of the attention. The brothers make that clear from the beginning. The chemistry among all the characters is strong. I liked that the author did not feel the need to make one lover cold and difficult and one sunny and friendly as many others have to differentiate between the partners and instead just let them be more nuanced in their behaviors. The sex does involve some spanking but not a great deal of BDSM. The brothers like to have some competition between them even during the sex and it adds some extra intensity and fun. There are even sex games that they all enjoy.

If you like menage romances, you will enjoy the book. It is a fairly quick read and the plot moves fast. The chemistry is really good and the sex is intense and has an element of fun as well. I feel it would have benefited from a little more character development including some historical information particularly on Heath and Braden and more explanation for some of Kylie's behaviors. However, it is an enjoyable story with characters that keep it fun and sexy.
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