Red High Heels

Adam Mann
Red High Heels

Butterfly Books
Release Date
August 2014
Erotic Romance, Literary Romance, Romantic Comedy

This is not a humorous book, but a joke started a whole train of events:
A research scientist books into a hotel before attending a conference on stem cell research, and whilst at the conference the hotel accidently allow a young lady with a very similar name to move into his room. They find themselves facing one another wearing only bath towels wrapped around them! When they decide to have dinner together the lady wears her red high heels, and this prompts a joke about red high heels, and wild horses. The young lady had just run away from a potentially disastrous wedding, but has to make peace with her parents. She is introduced to other scientists as the man's fiancée, and she allays fears in her parents with the same ruse, which then turns into reality when she is presented with an antique Victorian engagement ring! Please have a box of tissues handy as you read!


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