Her Tiger To Take

Kat Simons
Her Tiger To Take
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T&D Publishing
Release Date
February 2015
Book 4 of Tiger Shifters
Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Horror Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Resisting her is impossible.

After a lifetime of fighting his own kind, Nikolai Chernikov has been in self-imposed isolation for years. The taint of his father's crimes hangs over him, and of all the infamous Chernikov brothers, Nick is most like their father. The fear that madness is only one bad decision away has kept Nick from seeking a mate for more than ten years. Then she comes into his life—the sexiest, most stunning tiger shifter Nick has ever known. Tatiana is everything he wants. And everything he can't have.

He's the only man she'll accept.

Tatiana Loban-Gupta has tried to find a mate for more than three years. She was starting to lose hope when she caught Nick's scent and her entire body lit up with need and longing. She'll defy the rules of their people to answer the combustible chemistry between them, even though getting caught could ruin everything. But Nick's family history is a wall between them she's not sure she can breach. A fight with a werewolf pack and facing off against the other tiger males seems easy compared to fighting Nick's demons. Convincing him to return to the Mate Run will be the hardest thing she's ever had to do, but for Tatiana, failure is not an option.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Jun 28, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Two tiger shifters belong together but fear is keeping them apart.

Nick fears he will be like his father or mother and descend into madness and murder. He has isolated himself from the tiger shifters who judged him harshly due to his family. He does this even knowing he has a mate out there. Tatiana has searched for her mate for years with no luck. Now that she has her mate in sight, nothing will keep her from him.

Tatiana and Nick are tiger shifters. In their society, males greatly outnumber females. The women have control over who they mate with and woman have the right to have a run where males try to catch the woman and have three days to impregnate her or have to wait for the next run. Tatiana is ready to give up after years of races and never feeling anything for the other tiger shifters. She scents Nick and tries to convince him to participate in her next run.

He is very reluctant as other women have told them they didn't want him due to his family history and the males are likely to attack him just for participating. He likes his new life as a restaurateur and doesn't want to go back to all that violence and pain. Tatiana violates all the rules and comes to him when he refuses to respond to her messages. Once they are together, it is impossible for them to ignore their chemistry. They are willing to risk it all to be together.

This is my first opportunity to read a book by this author. I liked her writing style. She kept the pace quick while still taking time to develop the characters. Nick's history and his family are a vital piece to the story. It is important to convey just how much pain the past causes him to truly understand why he is so reluctant to pursue a relationship he has wanted for years.

Tatiana is written as a strong woman who goes after what she wants while still being sensitive to those around her. The dialogue reveals how conflicted she is about pushing Nick to participate once she understands how much pain he has faced. The townspeople are an important part of the story and they are portrayed in a way that illustrates why Nick is so at peace in his new home and concerned about the risks of leaving it to pursue Tatiana.

There is real conflict faced when the leader of the wolf pack takes objection to Tatiana's presence. The conflict with the wolves shows them how well they work together and also is an important plot point. It is Nick's actions during that conflict that causes Tatiana's ambivalence about Nick returning to the tiger community.

I would recommend this book to those who like shifter romances with a strong story at their core. The characters are well-developed and there are real challenges they have to meet if they want to be together. The characters have great chemistry but are written with great heart as well. This is a great read for those like me who want strong characters who feel real and are written in a way that you feel an emotional connection and empathy with as they work to be together.
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