Alp Mortal


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
May 2015

Hurdles is a collection of four short stories which centres on the theme of a chance encounter. However, fate seems to be playing a bigger part than would first appear. The titles included are Seriously?, Different Circles, Call It Fate, and Get Me Out of Here!.

In Seriously?
Draycott, a lowly shop assistant, encounters the celebrated actor Thorndyke Graves, who is smitten. His overbearing, conceited attempts at wooing Draycott become laughable but all is not lost in this chance encounter.

In Different Circles
Mitchel and David meet when they're 9 years old and forge an unlikely bond. The oddly matched pair remain friends until, at age 16, a line gets crossed, and then everything changes. Twenty years later, they are reunited by chance, but deep-seated issues and insecurities can't be ignored. A story about being honest and acknowledging the value of true friendship.

In Call It Fate
What if you dreamed of Mr Right and were even told exactly where and when you would meet; would you believe it? Would you be at the appointed place, at the appointed time, in the hope that it was no dream?

In Get Me Out of Here!
Grayson is with Theo, the celebrated actor. Yet despite Theo's endless protestations, Grayson refuses to share any of the limelight with Theo, preferring his anonymity and the chance to do the weekly shopping unmolested. One fateful day, all of that changes, and Grayson is catapulted into the glare of the public eye. Salvation comes in the slightly weird and wonderful guise of Edward the spirit medium, who opens Grayson's eyes to a vastly different future.

Seriously? and Get Me Out of Here! were previously published in Liberty Short Collection Vol.2 and individually in 2014. Different Circles was previously published in Another Trio of Liberty Treasury Gay Romances in 2013 and individually in 2014.

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