The Lysander Chronicles Book 1: Destiny

Tasha Temple
The Lysander Chronicles Book 1: Destiny

Makai Publishing
Release Date
May 2015
Book 1 of The Lysander Chronicles
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Set centuries before the novel, Awakenings, the world is patrolled by two sets of immortal vampires. Those devoted to good and those who worship darkness. Lysander, a dark vampire King, seeks to marshal an evil following to defeat the light and rule the entire planet.

In a chance encounter one night in Finland, he comes across a little girl named Abigail. The vampire instantly feels a strange connection to the girl and the uncanny ability to experience her emotions. Haunted by the experience, Lysander returns sixteen years later to find Abigail.

But this time around, he will not give her up. He wants to do more than make her his lover, his mate, his partner. This time, Lysander wants Abigail . . . as his Queen.


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