Suki Fleet
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
June 2015
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Josh's idea of a romance is curling up alone and reading a novel with a happily ever after. He's made his flat a safe haven where the walls are covered with beautiful words and his living room ceiling is a map of the universe.

Angus may be shy and inexperienced, but he's incapable of hiding anything, especially his attraction to his older neighbor.

When Josh admits to Angus that he's gay, he doesn't expect Angus's reaction. Angus's obvious interest terrifies Josh. For years he's managed to keep the world at arm's length and avoid getting too close to anyone. Well, anyone except Eleanor, Angus's mother, who helped Josh rebuild his life after he was hospitalized for depression. But Josh still thinks he's broken. His past has left scars he thinks are too deep to heal. Despite Josh's defenses, Angus begins to mean more to him than just the cute boy next door. If Josh can take a risk and let someone into his isolated world, he might have a chance for a real-life happy ending.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Jul 10, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"But perhaps it's the fragility, the temporariness that makes some things precious. Like moments that will never happen again. You have to make them worth it, because even though they are temporary, they are worth happening. If not, what's the point?"

Josh suffers from severe depression and has been dealing with it on his own. He's also been helping his neighbor, Angus, with his mom and her anxiety.

Instantly I could feel the attraction between Josh and Angus. Josh is reluctant to do anything about this. Angus is only eighteen and Josh doesn't want to risk hurting him.

The story is told from Josh's POV, and while he's not the easiest person to relate to, I can't help but like him. He struggles with a serious mental illness and still sticks by his friend. Regardless, Josh continued to be there for Angus and his mom. Helping him make hard decisions and supporting him along the way.

The writing is magical. It's slow and thoughtful. Not one sentence out of place, not one word wasted. This is not a light read, but I also never felt rushed or hurried to finish. I was in the moment, right there with Josh and Angus. There's a quiet tone to Suki Fleet's writing that I just love.

FALLING is my second book from Suki Fleet that I adored. Her stories are highly recommended.
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