Once Upon A Menage

Rachel Kenley; Muffy Wilson; Naomi Shaw; Celeste Hall;Ramona Leigh; Manlius Latham; V. Shepard; Ramona Leigh; Louisa Bacio
Once Upon A Menage

Ravenous Romance
Release Date
October 2014
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Third time's the charm. The power of three. Ménage a trois. Clearly there is magic in three, as well as in the power of fairytales. From the original fairytale anthology SPELLBOUND come these classic and lesser known tales that take a turn for the kinky with various combinations of three in a bed. Two men, one woman. Two women, one man. Wolves, beasts, mermaid—even a very talented pussycat. Whatever your pleasure, we have a story: The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Celeste Hall, Little Red Hot by Ramona Leigh, Beauty's Beast by Naomi Shaw, The Mermaid, the Prince, and the Siren by Muffy Wilson, Rapunzel's Bush by Manlius Latham, Vasalisa, the Beautiful by V. Shepard, Jack and His Beanstalk by Ramona Leigh, The Prurient Puss by Muffy Wilson, The Ugly Duckling's Reunion by Naomi Shaw, Open Sesame by Louisa Bacio.


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