The Red Hot Bucket List

Malerie Page
The Red Hot Bucket List


self-published work
Release Date
June 2015
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Ménage or more

One career girl, one list, one year = one racy mission.
When 24-year-old Amber Aiken-Wood arrives in New York to launch her career in Journalism, she sets out on an unforeseen and sexy little adventure. As her career aspirations grow, so do her own filthy ambitions. She sets about exploring her sexual boundaries by drawing up an erotic version of a bucket list and then she gets to work ticking off the items all within her first year of arriving in New York. As Amber's sexual fantasies come to life, she finds herself in situations beyond her wildest dreams and then at the eleventh hour her life heads in an unexpected, but exciting new direction.
The Red Hot Bucket List successfully blends the popular genres of erotic romance and chick-lit to tell a story of ambition and drive that many women will be able to relate.
It is a story of adventures in lust, love and life.
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