Road Trip (How I Found My Own Mr. Grey)

Allyse Netsrake
Road Trip (How I Found My Own Mr. Grey)
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Release Date
April 2015
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Mel Hemmings is a fifty- something woman married to her husband Peter for 34 years. After raising two children, running a household and working full time jobs, their life together seems to be falling apart. They don't talk to each other, petty things make them angry, and even their bedroom is cold. Mel feels that a divorce is the answer to make her happy again. Anything to not have to interact with Peter. When Peter announces that he wants to take a road trip to Yellowstone National Park much to Mel's chagrin, she reluctantly agrees to go, but thinks this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. She is not looking forward to being stuck in a car for hours with him. Deciding to escape the monotony, she figures she can use the time to read. She asks for suggestions for books from her friend, who suggests some hot, steamy, sexy titles, with the first one being Fifty Shades of Grey. Mel isn't sure that she wanted to read it, having an idea of what it was about, but after some convincing she decides to read it. As she starts the book, she soon realizes that she had the whole story wrong and she falls in love with the characters and the love story. It makes her think back on the early years of her relationship with Peter and to recall if they ever had passion and lust, and even raw sex. With the help of long forgotten memories, steamy fantasies. some tricks learned from the books to awaken her inner bad girl, Mel comes to the conclusion of what she must do to saver her marriage and make it even better. She just hopes it's not too late.

This book is intended for readers over the age of 18 please.
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