Lord Tricking

Belita Renn
Lord Tricking
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May 2015
Historical Romance

Accused of killing her lecherous stepfather, Virginia is found guilty and is to hang at dawn. A stranger arrives and offers to save her on the condition she gives her life to him. He will not tell her what he wants, only that he will not hurt her and he does not own a brothel. Given a new identity, she quickly learns that if she does not do as she is told they will kill her or return her to the prison to hang. In the company of mysterious people with identities as false as hers, Virginia fears they will kill her once she has completed the task. Making matters worse, she may be falling for Rand—her savior—and she does not even know his real name.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 27, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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PICK THIS BOOK UP! The cover doesn't do this work justice whatsoever! It's not often that something comes out that's so fresh and unique and captivating.

It's 1820's England, and Virginia Hitchenson has just been sentenced to the gallows for murdering her stepfather. The night before she's to hang, a mysterious man shows up offering to save her…if she hands her life over to him, no questions asked. Terrified and alone, Virginia, now Patricia Bachman, acquiesces and is whisked away by a man who calls himself Randolph Jamond, Viscount Howell. Patricia learns combat and seduction skills she will need to go into an undercover operation that she knows nothing about.

Rand's team of misfits include Anna and Ward, who will act as the servants to Rand and Patricia's betrothed couple. Her first mission with this ragtag crew is to play the besotted fiancée at a house party where Rand suspects a killer is holed up at. Rand's team is counting on her noble past and good looks to earn her favor with the men they're with, but they're also counting on her ability to kill.

This story is absolutely FABULOUS. Well plotted out with terrific character development and a mysterious storyline, LORD TRICKING sucked me in from the first page and held me captive until I devoured every last sentence. The cloak and dagger feel as well as the completely mysterious reason they're at Brumblee's estate had me enthralled and not just a little in love with Rand. I'm not sure what I would do if faced with a situation like Patricia: hang for a crime I didn't commit or give my life over to a strange man without knowing what he wants that life for. It's an intriguing question for sure.

So Patricia, man, was she one seriously kick-ass heroine. She acclimated quickly because she had to, but she didn't lose her spunk or curious nature. Rand is so used to the people he saves being loyal and never questioning his dictates, but not so with this one, frustrating and arousing him at the same time. Rand's cohorts Anna and Ward played significant yet brief roles in LORD TRICKING, and neither made a strong impression on me. The lack of sex was a bummer, though the incredible chemistry between Rand and Patricia kept the banter going and the story unique and totally fresh.

BUT, LORD TRICKING does lose a point on the editing. The abundance of errors were just too much to overlook, even for an overall excellent read like this. It's so disheartening when you find a gem like this all scratched up. But, like a gem, this book just needs a good polish for it to be something really special. Ms. Renn should also note that the formatting was extremely difficult to maneuver through and required a lot of back and forth.

Bottom Line: If this book was cleaned up, I wouldn't hesitate to give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone I know. As it is, I still think this is one special, fun and unique read that fans of romantic suspense, mystery and historical will adore.
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