Jane Millington
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June 2015
Contemporary Romance

We all love a villain in a romantic break-up but what if there isn't one? In fact what if everything seems just fine but not absolutely, weak-at your knees, mind-blowingly fabulous—should you stay or should you go? This is the dilemma facing Jessica Tiller who begins to realise that Ben, the man she thought was her manicorn (a sensitive, sexy and soulful man—in other words, for most people: imaginary), is in fact just an extremely nice bloke. And her past, as well as her long-time friend, David, are starting to push her in a whole new unexpectedly sexier direction.

When friends Stella and Minh's blossoming romance and upcoming wedding makes commitment look pretty good, for Jessica it's decision time. While Ben is busy working out with his gym buddy and resident office stunner, Elise, Jess turns to her best friend, happily married mother of two, Laura, who provides a wealth of experienced advice as does the gay sisterhood of Tiffany and Kristan. But when it comes to the crunch it's up to Jessica to decide to what and to whom to commit. This humorous story is for those torn between the security of a totally inoffensive long-term relationship and the promise of the romance you once thought you'd have but you somehow lost.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 05, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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With a title like MANICORN, a fun, frothy read is expected, and Ms. Millington delivers in her debut novel.

Jess Tiller has just realized that she and Ben have been together for 2 YEARS!! The more she thinks on it, the more she starts to panic. Is Ben "The One?" Can she see herself growing old with him? Is good sex enough to ignore the things that irk her? With all of Ben's close female "friends," Jess is suddenly incredibly jealous over every woman that looks his way, causing even more tension in their relationship. Even more weird is that she keeps looking at HER BFF David in a weird, sexual way. What the hell is happening to her?!?

MANICORN is defined as this mythical man who is perceptive, sexy and emotionally other words, imaginary. At first it seems like Ben is that man, but he lacks the perceptive and emotionally sensitive aspects that are so desired. I thought Ben was a total ass personally, and Jess was totally in the right to question his relationships with these gorgeous women he was spending time with. I'd have liked more info on just what the hell Ben got up to with Elsie, Marguerite and imagination ran wild with the sneaky lies he was telling.

I liked Jess and her friends and could relate to the frustration about the complacency and insecurity in her relationship with Ben. The chick-lit banter was fun and lighthearted, but the endless antidotes about her days and nights just seemed to drag on (and on and on). And while there's a TON of sex in this book, it's all yada yada yada'd, which is a bummer since the scenes started out pretty damn promising. The ending left me surprised and wanting more. I'm hoping Ms. Millington gives us another peek into the lives of Jess and her friends.

Bottom Line: Well written and cute vanilla read that will introduce you to a new must-have word in your vocabulary!
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