Hannah & The Dom Next Door

BJ Wane
Hannah & The Dom Next Door
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Pink Flamingo
Release Date
July 2015
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Struggling with the recent discontent with his life made Mitch Burnett wish he hadn't promised his neighbor he'd look in on her niece while she was housesitting for the summer. An Amish widow, he was sure she was going to be a prudish, bible thumbing pain in the ass. Much to his surprise, Hannah Hershberger was nothing like his preconceived notions made her out to be. His immediate response to the full curves her plain clothing couldn't hide as well as to the innocent surprise and interest reflected on her pretty face took him off guard, especially since the pure, wholesome girl next door type was not for a man as sexually dominant as he. Determined to keep his lust in check, he swore he'd keep his distance from Hannah unless she needed some neighborly help. But Mitch wasn't prepared for Hannah's determination to meet her challenges head on, which included her attraction to him.
Hannah was looking forward to spending the summer tackling the challenges of immersing herself into the modern world, but none of those challenges had included her body's response to her neighbor. The closeness of his tall, thickly muscled body brought about sensations she had only felt when making love with her husband. After discovering her responses weren't a fluke, she brazenly asks Mitch to have sex with her, thinking a one-night stand would put an end to those irritating, stimulating feelings.
Unable to resist, Mitch tables his more dominant urges to spend a night with Hannah. What started out as a one-time thing soon turned into an affair when she realizes how much had been missing from her marriage bed. Each time Hannah embraces something new, Mitch discovers he wants more until he finally introduces her to his more dominate practices at his club. It took an assault on Hannah and a terrible loss to make her question how far she was willing to stray from her moral beliefs for the sake of pleasure and sends her running back to her roots in search of answers.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jul 02, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She hadn't experienced her true sexuality until the next door neighbor awakened every nerve on her body. She didn't know that she could feel so amazing after a sexual encounter.

I loved the characters in this story but I just couldn't connect with them as in other books by this author. I really liked the storyline and how two total opposites did attract. She was an incredible woman that wanted to learn everything possible now that she was not in the Amish community. She lost her husband and now after a couple of years she is ready to leave the community and try to live out of it.

Hannah Hershberger went to live with her aunt and she would be in her home for three months until her aunt and her partner came back. The part that I loved in this story was that before her aunt left, she actually talked to her about asking the next door neighbor to have a one night stand. The other thing that I liked about Hannah was the amount of "Dummy" books she had purchased especially the one where she was learning to give a blow job. I could not stop laughing especially when one of her new friends saw her. She seemed na´ve when it came to the real world but also when it came to sex. She had married her late husband when she was just a young woman and she finally realized that her husband had never taken his time with her and never made her feel how her neighbor made her feel. Every time that she was near him she would get butterflies and her body would respond to his voice. There was also one more thing she had never experience or even saw and that was crime. She had never personally been a victim.

Mitch Burnett is one handsome Dom and lately he is getting tired of not finding his one true submissive. He knows that he will not be able to be in a vanilla relationship but he hasn't yet found that woman that maybe could entice him. He had promised his neighbor that he would look after her niece but the moment that he met her that instant chemistry had him react sexually. She was a beautiful young woman that even with her Amish dressing still made him feel aroused. Then one day he went over and saw that she was all wet, he helped her with her busted pipe. Then she said something much unexpected and that's when things changed between them. Mitch couldn't stop thinking about her but he knew that it was only one night, that was until she surprised him again with asking him if he wanted to sleep with her again. They had great chemistry and the more he learned about her the more he liked her. He is dominant in the bedroom and he notices that she has very little experience in her sexuality and he will teach her all he knows and who knows maybe she will be open minded and be the submissive he has been looking for.

HANNAH & THE DOM NEXT DOOR was a good read. I truly did enjoy it and there were many times that I found myself laughing out loud. I do have to say that it was very slow in the beginning but then things picked up and I couldn't stop reading. I do know one thing and that is that I'm going to have to read The McGilley Trilogy because Ethan's brothers intrigued me.

Mitch was a man that knew what he wanted but in the end I was surprised by what he didn't do from the moment the woman he loved walked away. Then there was Hannah; there were times that I was frustrated with her because she kept on comparing her late husband with Mitch. I knew that she was just trying to reason things in her mind. She still had lots of things to work on and learn. She was also a very sweet person; I loved how she ended up adopting a dog, or should I say, the spawn of the devil. I couldn't stop laughing when she called her that.

Now as for the chemistry between Hannah and Mitch all I have to say is that it was super HOT. Their chemistry is intense and wickedly sensual. I do have to warn readers that this story doesn't have anal play, bondage, spanking, whipping; there is a fisting scene and voyeurism. I do have to say that the sex scenes were tastefully written. If you have a problem with one of the items I listed, I do recommend for you to try to read the book before not giving it a try.

Even though I couldn't give this read a five star rating it was a well written book. BJ Wane's creativity is amazing. There were twists and turns in this story that were unexpected. I did find myself crying in the end of this story because of a tragic incident but in the end there was a happily ever after.

I totally recommend this read!
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