A Kiss for a Highlander

Jane Godman
A Kiss for a Highlander
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
June 2015
Book 1 of The Georgian Rebel Series
Historical Romance

A passion that burns away centuries of hate…

Stranded in the heart of England after Bonnie Prince Charlie's hasty retreat, highlander Fraser Lachlan has sworn to stay by his injured friend's side. But when a kindly English family takes Jack in to be cared for by the governess and healer at their Derbyshire estate, Fraser can only watch helplessly.

It's just a matter of time before Jack is turned over to the Crown as a traitor, but Fraser's attempt to rescue his friend is met with the blunt end of a candlestick.

Martha Wantage wears every reason she hates the Scots on her body—in the scars from a violent, fiery attack that killed her family. Now she has not only one unconscious Jacobite rebel at her mercy, but two. And she can't resist cursing her enemy with the "kiss of hate".

That kiss unleashes a storm of passion that rages quickly out of control. But with the legacy of Martha's scars weighing heavy on her mind, and Fraser's duty calling him to battle at Culloden, it may be too late to explore whether theirs is a desire born of hate…or love.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Aug 13, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lively, Sexy and Lovely

Where do you start when a story causes so much emotion in you? I'm completely flabbergasted. It was like running through a whole gamut of emotions and I couldn't hold it all. I loved it!

Martha Wantage is a dried up spinster that expects nothing out of her life but to consider what little family she has left and serve them with undying devotion. She has found her little place on earth serving the children of a distant cousin. She teaches them, acts as companion, mother, friend, housekeeper, cook, healer, and loves them for allowing her a life she never expected.

Martha lost her family when Scotsmen raped her mother, killed both her parents, set their home aflame and set her afire, leaving her for dead when she was only fifteen. That is why she is ever so grateful that her distant cousin, Mr. Henry Delacourt, rescued her from a nunnery and gave her a home. She has worked tirelessly for these people that gave her a reason to continue.

She is plain, maybe even ugly, with spectacles and a very skinny body but she works tirelessly and faithfully for her cousins and raises Rose and the son, Henry or Master Delacourt. Rosie is just becoming a woman now and Henry will be going off to school soon. She hurts to think she may not be needed anymore.

Suddenly a man, seemingly half dead, is brought to her to nurse, and she wants no part of it, but Rosie reminds her that it is her home and she wants the man helped. Martha is upset over this because the Jacobites were in a fight close to them recently and this man must be one of them. The problem here is he is not alone. His friend hauled him there and went to steal a horse, when his friend was found. He sneaks into the house and is attacked by Martha and a very lethal candlestick.

Martha realizes that this one is dangerous. He is very large, handsome, red headed and even wears a kilt. She has the stable hand, Tom Drury, take him to the basement where she ties him up. She is frightened beyond words but for some reason while she thinks the man is unconscious she kisses him and vows, it is a kiss of hate. She remembers all the pain and agony of her burned body and associated the large Scot to her suffering.

Fraser Lochlan is trying to rescue his cousin and friend, Lord Jack Anton, when he is attacked by a skinny dragon lady bent in killing him. He can see nothing to the stick woman except her hate. Later, he sees her nurse his friend back to health and notices that she is a much nicer person when not holding a candlestick.

This is a wonderful love story. You never know where the road is leading but it takes you in as believable and heartrending. The characters are so believable you can imagine running into Martha and Fraser at the next corner and the plot is thick with love, sex, intrigue, battles and misunderstandings.

It is definitely a page turner with hot topics and interesting developments.

I gave it Five Stars and wished for more. If you like thrillers filled with lusty lovers, battles and new story lines for your Highlanders, you will love it too. I realize this is a series and I'll be begging for the next one in this series to read. Loved it!
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