Guardian of the Dragon

Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Guardian of the Dragon
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
October 2014
Book 14 of WindVerse Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Time Travel, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Drakon Alexandrovich is in deep trouble. The person who assassinated his brother—leaving Drakon next in line for Grand Duke—is now after him. Though he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself, he isn't going to argue when a beautiful, sexy woman is assigned as his bodyguard.

Major Fiona Brennan is one hot number. Dangerous, committed, capable of killing a man with a single blow, she is one of the elite Riezell Guardians known throughout the Megaverse for their abilities. Ordered to protect Drakon from whoever is after his ass, she'll give her life to keep him safe.

But she'll give her body just to have his ass… Sparks fly and passions ignite when the hotheaded man of royalty takes the single-minded warrior woman to his bed, determined to keep her there.

Book Review by A Dirty Gurty Girl Reads (author,reviewer)
Jul 15, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is my first Charlotte Boyett-Compo novel, and it certainly won't be the last.

The hero in this novel, Drakon, finds his life is under threat of assassination. As the son of a Grand-Duke to their quadrant on an-Ruis, the Guardians, a select army of protectors, rally around to protect the family.

When Drakon lusts after his Guardian, Fiona, and his father, a right royal bastard, finds out, he forces Fiona into sleeping with Drakon.

Engaged to someone his mother deems worthy to beget an heir, Drakon finds himself torn between his growing love for Fiona and his submissive tendencies with his mother. When his father dies and Drakon inherits the Grand-Ducky, as he calls it, he comes into his own, ridding himself of his unwanted fiancée and joining himself to Fiona. All the while, a plot to kill him keeps the whole palace on edge...

I can't say more without spoiling the story. But, I will say this, Dra was one of the most gorgeous, scintillating, beautiful guys. Man, Fiona was one lucky chick. He was caring, loving, and open. Warm, generous...I could go on, but the adjectives just get better and better, the author really made a man out of her hero. He could have been cookie-cutter, but instead, he wasn't perfect, but he was so cute! And the way he interacted with Fiona was beautiful. Their banter leapt off the page, and together, you felt them fall in love.

So, why four and not five stars?

As much as I loved their interactions, as well as the other secondary characters who were equally as well-drawn, three-quarters of the way through, a kidnapping occurs. Now, it was handled well, and the author didn't cease to deal with the nasty bits, but it just went on too long for me. It spoiled the pacing of it all, and because Dra and Fiona were separate, and their energy fueled the pages, it was a bit lackluster.

In fact, as I write this, I'm going to change my mind. Yes, this part of the book was a little slow, but Dra and Fiona's relationship was delicious to follow. They were torn apart but nothing would keep them apart. Fiona was smart and snappy, strong and fierce. And with Drakon, she held her own, making it a pleasure to read.

Though this wasn't the first in the series, I didn't feel at all lost. I was happily submerged in this new Megaverse, and some of the terminology was definitely new, but nothing that made it hard to continue.

I feel like I really know Fiona and Drakon, and that is why I would highly recommend this read. Enough to switch from four to five stars, because it was a wonderful way to while my Sunday afternoon watching these two fall in love, and falling in love with the characters too. :)
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